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F1: Grand Prix of Azerbaijan. Another Mercedes Mercedes. Kara destroyed the race of Kubica

The fourth race, the fourth Mercedes Quartet. F1 has not seen such dominance for a long time. Valtteri Bottas turned out to be the best in Baku, followed by Lewis Hamilton. Robert Kubica was the last, after being punished by a trail.

Łukasz Kuczera

Łukasz Kuczera

/ Pictured: Valtteri Bottas

If anyone had relied on the first few yards of the Formula 1 race in Baku, he would have been deeply disappointed. This time the Azerbaijan Grand Prix began as a thread. Valtteri Bottas fought a big duel with Lewis Hamilton and despite the British attacks brawny in several corners, kept the advantage on the field. There was no clash in the first corner either.

However, Robert Kubica's dreams of any battle against his opponents ended quickly. After a few laps, the FIA ​​informed them that they were watching the pole because he had removed Williams' garage before the race began.

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The lenders analysis showed that the offense did indeed occur. The team released the 34-year-old at nine minutes early. In Kovacia the punishment was imposed on a pass through a path, which lost more than 20 seconds. When you serve a penalty, you can not even change tires.

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He had good luck on Saturday – Charles Leclair. The Ferrari driver, who qualifies crashed in the same place as Robert Kubica, gradually moved to the front of the stake. It soon became clear that Monaco would continue at one stop and the tactics of the Italian team would try to give 21 chances on the stand.

Finally, Clare reached the finish line about a fifth. Comfort for him was another point, which he got to win the best lap time in the race.

The strange situation took place in the second phase of the race when Daniel Richards shot the brakes in one corner. Right next to the Australian, he was Daniel Kwiat, who also left the track, not hitting the Renault driver. Only the Ricardo Yardo began to retreat … and hit the Russian. So they both finished the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.

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In the end, we had a virtual neutralization, after a car accident in Pierre Gaselli's car and the functionaries had to remove the Frenchman's machine from the runway.

However, it did not change the fate of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan. The race ended with winas the winner, though Hamilton took the fight against the fin in the last two laps. A British could use DRS, but could not get around his team member.

However, the Mercedes in Baku was recorded in the history of F1. The German team is the first to win four pairs to open the season. The motorsport queen has not seen such dominance in one team for a long time.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix Results:

position The driver. Staff Time / loss
1. Vltari Botas Mercedes 51 circuits
2. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1524
3. Sebastian and Tal Ferrari 11,739
4. Max and Rustefen Red Bull Racing 17,493
5. Charles Lecler Ferrari 69,107
6. Sergio Hugh Perez Racing Point 76,416
7. Carlos Sainz McLaren 83,826
8. Lando Norris McLaren 100,268
9. Lance Street Racing Point 103,816
10. Kimi Raikkonen Alpha romeo Circle +1
11. Alexander Albon Toro Russo Circle +1
12. Antonio Giuseppe Alpha romeo Circle +1
13. Kevin Magnus ace Circle +1
14. Nico Holkenberg Renault Circle +1
15. George & amp; Russell Williams Ball
16. Robert Kubica Williams Ball
17. Pierre Gassley Red Bull Racing He did not finish
18. Roman Grossian ace He did not finish
19. Daniel Coyat Toro Russo He did not finish
20. Daniel Richards Renault He did not finish

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