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F1: Russell feels the leader of Williams. "I'm happy with this challenge"


– I'm happy with this challenge. For me, this is another opportunity to become a team leader – words like that. Russell describes the current situation in Williams. The British believe that the difficulties of the group will enable him to be a better driver.

Łukasz Kuczera

Łukasz Kuczera

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Pictured: George Russell

After four weekends in F1 George Russell has no points at his expense. The British are happy, however, that in each former played Grand Prix he was better than Robert Kubica. Both in qualifying and races.

The 21-year-old after the competition in Baku was nailed. It was his worst since the days of his F1 debut. He struggled with a viral infection, and then on Friday survived a fatal accident caused by swallowing swallows.

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– It's good that this weekend is over – he said "Total Motorsport".

The British discovered that he was trying to motivate Williams and feel his leader. – I'm sure that now we will be easier in the next race, we will progress well. I am happy with the challenge of the F1 season. For me, this is another opportunity to prove myself as a leader – he added.

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According to Russell, the Grove plant is continuing to work on updates to the FW42 model. Some will be introduced during the Spanish Grand Prix and will show if "there is still hope" as King Lin's driver put it.

– I want to help Williams get to where he should be. I like that job. Too bad this process is not fast. However, in F1, getting out of the crisis takes time. We are preparing some exciting things for Spain. We can change the situation there, "Russell said.

In Barcelona, ​​it seems, among other things, changed aerodynamics in Williams' car. The brake work, which Kubica complained of so badly in Baku, will also be improved. – It will not be the full upgrade package, but we will get a clear direction. We will follow a certain direction and we will see if there is hope for us this season – said the British driver.

Changes in the stables from the groove are presented despite the absence of a technical director. Paddy Lowe in early March asked for leave for personal reasons and did not return to work at the factory. He blames himself for the bad situation in society and it is known that a 56-year-old boy has no future in Williams.

– I have no experience in F1, so I do not know what difference in work during the season with and without technical director. I do not have calls with the technical department every day. It's the engineers to ask about it-he reacted to Russell's condition.

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In previous years, Russell won headlines in GP3 and F2. The British, however, has experience from the moment of competition in karting, where he also hit less competitive teams.

– It made me the driver I'm currently. I drew many of these moments, I know how to deal with difficult moments. No one in Williams wants to be in this situation. Everyone lets everyone go straight. The most important thing in all this is to keep the right motivation – said Russell.

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