Tuesday , May 11 2021

How to protect the Earth from collision with asteroids? For a moment, a conference

Special exercises under the name Planetary Defense Conference are organized by the International Academy of Astronauts (IAA), an international institution founded in 1960 that supports research and research of space. It will be held from April 29 to May 3 and guests will be invited from all over the world. Among them were NASA's representative and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

For the purpose of the conference, a fictitious model of a large asteroid was created, which will play the Earth. It was discovered on March 26 this year, 57 million km from Earth.Then expect another bump.Then the object will disappear from the observation – says the script.

However, future orbits of the asteroid predicted. It may cross with routes that the earth will give. For a collision – I am talking about a hypothetical scenario – with a probability of about one percent in 2027.

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Catastrophe implications of the collision

The mission of scientists and conference experts will be the answer to the question of what will be done to prevent the asteroid collision from Earth. If it could not be avoided, our world and species would probably be extinct – just as tens of millions of years ago it happened to dinosaurs after a significant blow to the Yucatan Peninsula, a 10-km meteorite.

The impact of the asteroid collision will be monstrous. It is known that according to NASA and a number of other centers, the collision of the Earth with the asteroids of Apophis with a diameter of only 380 meters (identified in 2004, which scientists can actually be on a collision course from Earth) will cause an explosion of about 1,200 megawatts. Comparison – The biggest explosion of the thermo-nuclear bomb operated by man was a power of about 57 megawatt, and the atomic, which falls on Hiroshima "only" 0.013 MB.

So the theoretical considerations of the scientists on the May weekend on the collision of the Earth with other celestial bodies may in the future have a key meaning to our species survival.

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