Thursday , October 28 2021

Kasa Krajowa SKOK Hits … Victims SKOK Woomin – Parabanki


Kasa Krajowa notice SKOK zoya to the prosecutor's office on statements of Marcin Karlicki, who in an interview with Onet finds that the cooperative savings and credit unions "were built under the roof." Karliska is one of the victims of the prisoners at SKOK-Woomin and a member of the association struggling to reveal the truth about this affair, according to Onet.

Kareliska responded to the latest reports on SKOK in the context of the JNF affair, recalling that according to Leszek Czernecki, Gez Bierecki, Senator Pais and the founder of the corporate savings societies and trade unions, tried to deposit PLN 60-70 million in his bank, Rantzki refused because he feared it was filthy money.Byrki, in a conversation with Ona, would deny, stressing that he did not even know Czarnecki.

– the conversation of Czernecki with Mark Czernowski (in which the words on Bierecki's proposal – Ed.) Is further evidence that the state in its present form, and especially all this political class, should resign – Meretz & Karelisky in Oneta. When asked why Renzki feared the money he supposedly wanted from him, he said: "Because he knew very well that Skok's system was being built on the ground."

These owls were not liked by the National Credit Association, which sent a statement to the prosecutor about the suspicion that Carlyskigo is going through a crime. This is probably the first case in which Krajowa SKOK responds so sharply to a public statement of one of the victims of the convoys in the Woomin SKOK.

– I hope that the health of people affected by the credit of SKOK Woomin a dozen or so that other cash registers will begin to bring rich fruits, and on the fourth anniversary of the bankruptcy of this fund, in the efforts of Kasa Krajowa, make a vision. I, and not the beneficiaries of the leap of the century and the financial elite of the Third Polish Republic irons in an interview with Ont Marcin Karlisky.

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