Tuesday , May 11 2021

Kinski spoke about Flexite

Yaroslav Katsinski
Author: Wojciech Jargiło / Super Express
European wages, not European prices

– Belonging to the EU is a requirement of Polish patriotism, it is beneficial for Poland – we have a higher security and better status – said President PiS Yaroslav Kaczyński on the Regional Convention of Justice and Justice.

Belonging to the EU is a demand of Polish patriotism, beneficial to Poland – we have a higher security and a better status – President of the region law and justice said about the regional treaty Yaroslav Katsinski. – When we entered the union, the problem of equality began. A few days ago I was talking about Polish patriotism. A very important point was the acceptance of membership in NATO and the European Union, not a matter of the belief that we must be in the European Union – he said Katinsky. – The reference to NATO and unification is beneficial to Poland and is a demand of Polish patriotism – he added. The PIS inaugurated the regional conventions, which are part of the European Parliament elections, at the beginning of March in Jasunika near Raz. At the same time, the Declaration of the European Plan was presented, in which all party leaders were registered in separate districts. The statement includes 12 points: actions to restore the EU values, soliciting the interests of Polish farmers, protecting the right of parents to raise children, protect the equality of Polish companies, negotiating the EU budget beneficial to Poland. There are also points on the safe borders of Europe, Europe's energy independence, the same quality of products throughout Europe or Europe of equal opportunities. The statement also anchors a fair climate policy for Europe, sustainable development as the basis of a strong EU and a stop of illegal immigration.

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