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KSF reassures depositors. "Customers' money is safe"


The tense situation around the banks of businessman Leszek Czernecki worries
Customers depositors savings there. The NBP announced support for the idea
Bank and Bank of Gittin. The Financial Stability Committee emphasizes that the system
Financial stability is stable and reminds that customer money is safe.

Last Tuesday, "Gazeta
Vyborg has revealed a transcript of conversations by businessman Leszek Czarnecki
Chairman of the Financial Supervisory Committee, Mark Chrzanowski
He declared that the head of the JNF could admit a corrupt proposal that day
Czernowitz resigned, and added a list of warning ideas
KKL-JNF is the first bank to enter this register
The value refers to cases that occurred in the past (sale of bonds
GetBack) and has no effect on the current activity of the idea bank, a decision
The JNF has aroused anxiety among customers.To stop the possible outflow of deposits,
The two banks belonging to the Rzeszki – the Idea Bank and the Gittin Bank – raised
Interest on deposits.

NBP will provide support to Idea Bank and Getin Bank

On Sunday there were several hours
Meeting of the Financial Stability Committee. Representatives took part in it
The NBP, the Ministry of Finance, the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority and the Banking Fund
bail. The subject of the meeting was to discuss the current situation of Gittin Bank
And the idea of ​​the bank. After the meeting was published a statement, according to which All parties have confirmed that the system
Financial stability is stable.

"Committee members
Heard the representatives of the two banks who announced that these banks
They have taken appropriate actions and are constantly regulating their debts to customers. The National Bank of Poland declared its readiness
The immediate onset of liquidity support to ensure
Customer Service Obligations
"- the statement said.
It was also reminded that deposits accumulated in both banks are protected
Bank guarantee up to 100,000 PLN euro for one customer
(About PLN 430 thousand).

How does the Bank Guarantee Fund work?

The Bank Guarantee Fund operates
According to the Law of 10 June 2016 on the bank guarantee fund, the system
Guarantee of deposits and forced re-organization (Journal of Laws of 2017, item.
1937, later zm.), Which was in effect since October 9, 2016. By day 8
In October 2016, the system operated a deposit guarantee on the basis of
The December 14, 1994 Law on the Bank Guarantee Fund.

The mission of the bank fund
responsibility There is security
Stability of the national financial system. The institution promises deposits
Accumulated in banks and credit unions, and is responsible for carrying out forced labor
Reorganization of financial institutions threatened with bankruptcy.
Foundation –
Through the designated bank – makes withdrawals of secured funds
Depositors and performs other obligations arising from deposit guarantee.

What is covered by the protection of the deposit?

The guarantee system provides customers with a refund of the full amount deposited
Saving up to the equivalent of PLN 100,000 per person.
In this case
Shared accounts, this amount is guaranteed to each owner separately. If
The customer has more savings, the payment will cover funds up to the equivalent of 100,000 PLN
euro. The return of the surplus above this amount shall be made in accordance with the prescribed rules
Through bankruptcy and a reorganization law.

Everything is covered by guarantees
Types of bank accounts whose customer is the holder, nominee
Both in zloty and in foreign currencies. Under the deposit guarantee system
On the other hand, these products are not subject to the sale of the Bank alone
The role of intermediary (eg units of investment funds, insurance

Money is quickly returned

If you decide on
When the activity of the Bank is suspended, the process of execution of the guarantees begins
For customers. The BFG website contains information about the bank
Will commit to withdrawals from the fund (for example, after the collapse of Bank of Israel payments)
BZ WBK). The withdrawals will begin no later than 7 business days. In order to
Their application requires only an identity card. The money can be downloaded
Cash in the bank's cash register office or order a free transfer to the account
Another bank.

In recent years, m
BFG support has been used several times. In addition to the aforementioned SK Bank,
The money was paid to customers of the Bank Spółdzielczy in Nadarzyn and 11 SKOKs.
In any case, payments were made on time and in a smooth manner.

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