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Liddell raises the salary to 4050 gross PLN. Ladybug responds immediately


They look like labels or a bironka works a lot – click in the gallery.

Liddell employees are making money From PLN 2800 to PLN 3550 gross At the beginning of work. After a year of work, the employer promises to increase wages up to the level – PLN 2950 to PLN 3750 gross, And two years of work experience from PLN 3,150 to PLN 4,050 gross.

Liddell and Polish suppliers. "High quality is your trust."

What was Liddell's greatest competitor, or Bidronka? Information on salary increases Lidl notes for the business area Arkadyusz Mierzowa, The head of the communications department at Gronimo Martins Polska, "As can be seen, the increase in wages for Bidronka employees since 1 January 2018 has affected the labor market in the entire commercial sector." Gronimo Martins Polska, the owner of the Bidronka chain, raised the salaries of employees in stores and distribution centers from January 2018 for the amount From PLN 200 to PLN 550 grossDepending on location, seniority, and location. This was the fourth increase in wages in Biro- nanka in two years. In total, these elevators covered over 60,000. People employed JMP, which indicates their unprecedented scale. "

Mierzwa mentions that people are starting to work in Biedronka as full-time cashier salespeople can now earn At least PLN 2650 grossThree years later Reaching a level of 2,950 gross PLN a month. In selected places, these amounts are much higher, for example in Warsaw they reach value Even PLN 3550 gross After three years of work (all amounts do not include up to 500 PLN gross of discretionary quarterly bonus).

Bidronka also raised Salaries of warehouses And pickers order, from January 2018 depending on location, seniority and location They earn PLN from 3050 to 4000 PLN gross Taking into consideration the reward for the absence of an unplanned absence in a particular month.

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