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Like Robert Kubica, he played cards with Williams


The F1 world is not very different from the world of politics. Big money and great power. Intrigue, behind the scenes licking or lying with live eyes – this is the agenda in both worlds. During the transfer, everything gains momentum. Until the official announcement of the employment of drivers, the facts have secondary significance, because the game happens all the time. And in the corral, and in the media.

A year ago Robert Kubica also fought for a place in F1, but it was more than waiting for Williams to decide. Waiting for the action of the grace of the legendary team. It seems that it is not one more leg, but almost the whole body is in the cockpit for 2018, but in the end the team decided otherwise.

Kubica did not spend nearly 12 months as a test driver reserve. When he had the chance to show himself on the runway, he did his job. But it was also important to be present in the paddock at Grand Prix. Kovica enjoys a huge appreciation in the F1 world, its character, work ethic, and experience to inspire widespread admiration. A lot of people who worked with him in his first F1 adventure are scattered across different teams. There was not enough time for the behind-the-scenes talks. An opportunity to appear in the media. And when the game started in the chairs, Kubica began to use his influence. Like teams.

You better understand what the view of the motorsport queen looks like. F1, though administered by the American corporation, is still British. Most bands have their bases on the islands, the most powerful television stations are those from the UK, the most prestigious magazines too. Therefore, it is not surprising that Williams, who in a total crisis, is being neglected. And when he announced that the next season's driver would be a 20-year-old Englishman, euphoria erupted, combined with hope for a better tomorrow.

As Robert Kubica played with Williams in Brazil

Kubica read well what is going on in Williams and how the most important communication function. The situation of the previous year, when he lost the last chair straight, became his media asset. Ferrari's offer, which looks more than a good plan on, added new aces on hand. And the last one is a kubika that makes the impression of handing over cards.

First, on British television Sky, he said he would wait forever for Williams's decisions and he would not announce until he decided what he had decided, he would decide on his future. Because you have to respect yourself. So he did not negate the work for Ferrari. But he made an excellent lingo for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Interest in the master's title is sat down, there is no great intrigue, so the subject of his future had to come back. There were Ferrari proposals in the pen, and the journalists knew very well that Williams had not yet decided on the cast of a second chair, and they were aware of what Kubica had said before. And he flees in the F1 world for a word that does not throw words into the wind. If a deadline is set, he will stick to it.

So they asked him about the decision and the opportunity to work for Ferrari. And the impression after his answers is that in Williams this reserve driver will decide to lay the second chair of the team for the next season, and the long line of candidates to compete for the British team has disappeared. Transport directly wrote that Paul is the most favorite number in the chair. More pebbles to the garden of the legend that fell years ago. Because the overall picture of Williams is bad. Well-known engineers are leaving, sponsors are leaving, new partners are not on the horizon, the management crisis is visible to people thousands of miles away from F1, and the F1 team leader admits he can not guarantee another car will be better. And this is a free chair for 2019.

The fuss in Williams is not surprising. The situation described by Maciej Jermakow and Philip Kapika, Eleven Sports Apostles on the Brazilian Grand Prix, in which the journalist of Autostport is persecuted in the press center of his text, and the magazine changed his title, showing that Williams felt how much he loses ground and negotiating position at least in the dimension Media. Sophisticated observers of life in the corral saw that meanwhile Ted Kravitz on Sky TV convinced viewers that Kubica is still only one of the candidates. The case?

Kubica behind the wheel

Until now, time has been played for Williams. Although the team has set dozens of deadlines, it will not be published until it has achieved what it planned. That was a year earlier, when Sergei Sirotkin's election was delayed until January. Now one of the main candidates states that before December he can leave the list himself. This is not good information from the perspective of the group.

If Kubica is actually number one, two or eight in Williams is secondary. Does it bring him closer to returning to F1 too? The most important is the impression of public opinion that now the Polish has control over the development of the situation. It is not Williams who decides the fate of Kubica, but the pole chooses his career path. He's in charge of this situation, not Williams. He wonders what will be better for him. A dream that came true and returned to the race in F1, but in a team that breaks down and is a guarantee of success, there is no work or no brand (another dream), which every year is among the contenders for the title, but without rivalry on the track. And it is still difficult to conclude from his words which side to go.

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