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LM of handball players. MISHKOV Brest – PGE Vive Kielce 26-35

PGE Vive Kielce Handball players win Belarusian Mieszkow Brest 35-26 (15-13) in the game of the Champions League round of the seventh.

This is the fifth victory of the Polish team in this competition. Poland's lead to victory led by Slovenian Blaz Jank, who threw 80%. Efficiency and scored eight goals.

PGE Vive ranked fourth in Group A with 10 points. The first three teams have the same points – Barcelona, ​​Rhein-Neckar Loewen and Vardar Skopje.

Team of Tantana Dujszebayeva appeared in this duel very weakened. In addition to a long-term injury from Vladislav Kulza, Mikhail Yuritsky (groin injury) and Katsav Liebeski were in his ranks, suffering from a back injury during his last practice before leaving Belarus. There were also brittle bits in Weiss's cell. Mieszkow played this game without Dzianisa Rutenki and Slovenian Vida Poteko.

The result of Saturday's session opens with a throw from the second row of Luka Sindrich. However, the Croatian quarterback, after a few minutes of injury, left the dance floor and did not play the game. However, this does not suppress his teammates. 6 minutes into the match, after 6 minutes, Mariusz Jurkiewicz put the Kielce ahead 4 – 2 with a truly marvelous free kick. After 120 minutes, the scorer was Alex Dujshebaev who knocked it home to Mieszko Ivan Pesić. 15 minutes into the match, the Blaz Janca team lost their lead. Belarussians, who so far had a lot of trouble defeating the defense in Kielce, scored three goals in a row within three minutes and led to a tie 8-8.

The mayor, Baba, asked for time, but after returning to the dance floor, Sim Ivitz beat Vladimir Kupera and hosts hosted the meeting for the first time (8-9). It is not alienation from Kielce, which already 60 seconds later (20 minutes) returned to lead (goals Janca and penalty Arkadiusz Moryta). The real battle lasted until the end of the first half on the chest in Brest.

There was no shortage of sharp and unusual confrontations by actors. One minute before the break was 12-12 draw. Then Ivan Makiewicz, who replaced the ruling, defeated Alex Dujshebaev, and later attacks against VIVE finished effectively Moryto Wang to Fernandez Perez. Copar was defeated by former Kielce rider Darko Djukić, but after 30 minutes Poland Championship ran 15-13. The Serbian goalkeeper has a big advantage, showing off some great interventions.

At the beginning of the second half, Arcom Karallk went to a penalty bench, but Kielce after Janok and Julena Aginagalde scored 18-15. Vive raged Vive rate, and the Polish team in the 36th minute after throwing Alex Dujshebaev already 20-16. The visitors returned to the game very quickly and the team from Brest was unable to defend themselves. The hosts in the next few minutes completely lost their way. He also took the fans with his next Cupara interventions. The Kielce team used every mistake of their opponents.

In the 40th minute after Arciom Kułak's goal, Vive was still only running 22-19. Later Kielce included a higher gear and knocked the Mieszko players with a handball from the head. After 5 goals in a row, guests were already 27 to 19 minutes later. In the 44th minute, the dance floor was forced to leave the city of Szeb Ivica, which received a red card for Daniel Duisheviev.

In the 50th minute, the scorer was scored by the players of Janc and Dujszebajew gained 30-22, dominating the events on the floor. The hosts played with great ambition, but it was clear that they had come to terms with failure. After a very good game, especially in the second half, PGE VIVE Kielce defeated Mieszkowo Brest 35-26, already taking the fifth victory in the competition.

Mieszkow Brest – PGE Vive Kielce 26-35 (13-15)

Mishkov Brest: Ivan Makyevich, Koalaq Arkium 4, Arcom Salwasiuk 4, Darko Ducic; 3, Peter Dordag, 3 Maxim Baranov 2, Pavel Horak 2, Alexander Skurinsky 2, Valentin Koran 2, Sim Ivitz 2, Sandro Uberanovic, 1, Sergey Shelovich & # 39; Andrei Yurenok, Vyacheslav Slumak, Shimon Razgour.

PGE Vive Kielce: Vladimir Kufa, Philippe Iwitz – Blaz Anak 8, Alex Duisheviev 7, Arcom Karlik 4, Mariusz Jurekiewicz 4, Angel Fernandez Perez 3, Arcadius Moretto 3, and Len Agnigalda 2 , Daniel Dawishbayev 2, Mateusz Yekhelevsky 1, Luca Sindrich, 1, Marco Mami.

Penalties: Mieszkow – 8 minutes, PGE VIVE – 8 minutes.

Red Card (For offense) – Sim Eitz (Mieszkow) – 44 minutes.

Judges: Peter Bronowski Vladimir Canada (Slovakia).

Janusz Majewski

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