Monday , April 12 2021

Marriage to the US must pay $ 12 million Web Hosting with Nintendo Pirate Games

A married couple from the US state of Arizona must pay $ 12.23 million in compensation for running websites that allow them to download pirated copies of Nintendo games.

Jacob Christian Mathias pleaded guilty. With the help of their device – Matthias Designs – the couple established two portals. Both are allowed to download illegal versions of such titles as Mario Kart 64, Donkey Kong Country and Pokmon Yellow.

In July of this year, Nintendo lawyers demanded shut down sites. Today, they welcome visitors to apologize for the Japanese corporation. The media also explains that websites were breaking copyright law (thanks, TorrentFreak).

Mathias has to pay high compensation

The compensation given is high, but the purpose of the verdict may have been to discourage the other pirates. It should be noted that before the process ended, many similar portals stopped working.

Of course, it is not clear whether Matthias will actually pay Nintendo the entire amount. In some of these cases, additional settlements have been made, in which the defendant must pay much lower sums.

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