Friday , May 14 2021

Martha Kenske publishes a recording with her uncle. Her recent records give food for thought

Martha Kenske enjoys the charms of mothering for months. The lawyer called with her online activity, but today she has released a recording with her uncle. Interestingly, the niece of President Pais recently showed quite a great commitment to the politics of his uncle and his party. Her values ​​give food to thought.

Marta Kinske has become accustomed to her critics to enumerate their posts and political comments. Until now, we would read her texts in the week "Sieci". Today, Kinske decided to make clear defenses.

Martha Kenske operates herself politically. Offended my uncle?

The mother of a tiny child, almost a year old, who grew up with her husband Piotr Zielinski, was very involved in the warmth of her uncle. The lawyer in Mesopotam has a family responsibility for this – to take care of the children. It does not bother her with increased political activity. Let us recall that the pace of the campaign precedes the European Parliament elections. For Yaroslav Katsinski, all the voices of support considered.

We see increased activity by Kinsuke, among others on Facebook. Her last entry is a recording from the Pais conference, which the President of Law and Law used as the old and old custom.

However, this is not the only activity of Kensenke to support his uncle's image before the next political test – the European Parliament elections. It's enough to see how the table of Katsinski's tabloid has been seen for a long time. "An impressive lecture by the President of the Pais", "a strong speech by Prime Minister Morawiecki", finally a film from the PIS conference and the speeches of his uncle, Prime Minister MEP Zdzisław Krasnodębski – political issues. The message is clear – praises the ruling party, led by my uncle.

Completely aside, Kaczyńska placed other topics. Things are too serious. The natural "creation", which is even in its instagram, has been abandoned in recent days. It gives a lot to think about. Do you need this support in the niece's media section to support support pages? And this will bring the expected results? We'll know the answer in a month.

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