Monday , October 3 2022

Michal Pazdan will jump in place of Arthur Yandiz &


  • Ricardo S. Pinto will have to put together a team without Arthur Jędrzejczyk who will not play until the end of the year
  • Jędrzejczyk has the best chance to replace William Rami, who recently flashed reserves. An alternative to Arthur is also Michal Pazdan
  • Radosław Cierzniak also returned in full force, and it is not known whether Sam Pinto will play against the Zgleneby, but he bet on Radoslav Magi young who recently received the opportunity to play

The Polish national team suffered an injury from the left shock before the game with Fogoon (1: 2). The presentation at this meeting only made things worse. During the group of the Polish team was a struggle to bring him full fitness, which, however, failed.

He would miss the start of the Portuguese team and he would spend three or four weeks. This means that this year it probably will not play. This gives opportunities to other major defenders. Michal Pazdan and William Rami will fight for the place. For the first time since he went to Belgium, he sits mostly on the bench. In this season he appeared on the field only in two Extracellus games. Only he also fought injury, but much less severe than in the case of Jędrzejczyk, and did not appear on Saturday with Audola Opole (1: 0). He apparently returned to training too early and the injury was resumed. His ability to play at Sunday's meeting with the Zlgenby Lubin is questionable.

Kierzniak's return

In a clash with Audra he played Rami, who recovered. The football player had been silent since July. A week ago he showed himself a reserve team on a very good note, now he needs to be able to play in the first team as well. And he probably has a better chance to replace Jędrzejczyk than Spindler. Last time in the league he played against KGHM Zagłębie.

In addition, coach Ricardo Pinto has Inaki Astiza at his disposal, but Spanish hopes for the game are small. Like most older players, he walked away. In addition to Remy, Radosław Cierzniak is also recovering. An experienced golfer appeared in a fight with the Oder. Before the clash with the Zellenby, La Pinto would have a dilemma whether to bet on him or on Radoslaw Majitski.

They wanted to hide the result

A clash with Oder, like the previous one, during the time of the Portuguese coach, was closed to viewers and journalists. Lagia did not even inform her about the result on her website or her Twitter account again. As usual, however, unofficial sites and after the game gave not only the result, but also the secret compositions of this sparring. Lagia won 1-0 after Carlitos' goal. The Spaniard confirmed that he was in good shape because at the last five official meetings of the champions of Poland he scored five goals.

An interesting fact was the appearance of Adam Luska on the right defense. Mateusz Hołownia appeared in the visitors' left side defense. After an hour or so, Michal was transformed into a reserve generation, the Czech Republic moved to the left side of the defense, where he usually plays. Bajdur is the only player from the second team to have the opportunity. Recently, the first team were trained by some young players, but Sa Pinto did not put any.

It is worth paying attention to the return of Yaroslav Nizgoda. This season for health reasons in the first official game of the team has not yet occurred, but – like Rami – played reserve, and now in sparring.

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