Thursday , October 21 2021

Miroslav Korbel is the new coach of Collierz Opole


We announced that Miroslav Korbel had joined forces with the College of Residency Opole a few days earlier. The former ROW player and coach was the first candidate Opole had made after the departure of coach Piotr Zeta. The previous coach was able to finish the job during the transfer period and prepared the area for the winter. Now the power on the team is taken over by Corbel, who is better known as the former speeding rider. He did not reveal his training and management skills.

In Opole again, the task will not be easy, because the team will have to deal with a lot of pressure throughout the year. A man in Colliérez does not hide the promotion aspirations, and the blame for the possible failure will fall on the coach.

It is almost no different, because the activists were able to build a very strong team. The head of the team will be experienced Dayan Bjarne Pedersen, who had suggestions from the nice clubs 1. L, but in the end he preferred to be a star at the lowest level of the game. The strengths of the team will also be Michał Szczepaniak and Russia Ilja Czałow.

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