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PGNiG has concluded a contract for LNG supplies with Cheniere International Marketing – Biznes for 24 years


Yesterday, November 8 (8:07)
Updated: Yesterday, November 8 (08:50)

On Thursday, Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe I Gazownictwo signed a long-term binding contract for the purchase of natural gas LNG with Cheniere International Marketing. The contract ended 24 years.

PGNiG concluded a gas supply contract LNG terminal at winwinoujście / photo. Albin Mercyniak / East News

"The Board of Directors of Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SA (" PGNiG "," the Company ") announces that on November 8, 2018, after obtaining the required organizational approvals, a long-term binding contract for the sale / acquisition of Liquefied Natural Gas (" LNG ") Cheniere International Marketing , LLP ("Cheniere") – reads in a statement of the company.

Also, the contract with Cheniere for LNG terminal shipments them. President Lech Kaczyński in winwinoujście ended for 24 years. Delivery of LNG will be in the amount of: 0.19 billion cubic meters in the years 2019-2022, after jointly regrouping throughout the period, and in the years 2023-2042 about 39 billion cubic meters. After regisification, a total of the entire period, ie 1.95 billion cubic meters of gas after regasification per year.


Deliveries will be carried out in the shipping delivery formula.

– Agreed terms of the contract, including competitive price, fully satisfactory for PGNiG. Thanks to this agreement, we will have a steady and growing supply of LNG from the US from 2019. The LNG share in our import portfolio is growing, and the dynamically developing global market for liquid gas allows us to choose among the best offers in this sector – Waniak, President of the Board of PGNiG SA.

– PGNiG is an important partner for Cheniere in the growing European market and we look forward to our long-term cooperation that will ensure the safe and convenient delivery of PGNiG of clean fuel, such as LNG – said Gus Fusco, President and CEO of Cheniere. It supports our development plans and Cheniere, suitable for our activities consisting of signing contracts with a wide range of customers around the world and strengthening our leadership position in the American LNG field – he added.

LNG cargo from Cheniere will flow to Poland from Sabine to pass condensing terminals in Louisiana Corpus Christi in Texas.


PGNiG plans to sign two additional contracts for LNG supplies

PGNiG, which has just signed a long-term LNG supply contract with the US company International Paper Marketing LLP, plans to sign two additional contracts for LNG supplies – said PGNiG President Piotr Waniak.

– We are planning two additional contracts for LNG supplies. We want to build a full supply portfolio – said Wonianiak during the press conference.

– We sign different contracts for LNG with companies from the US, all have one thing in common – they are 20-30 percent cheaper than the gas purchased from Russia today – he added.


President Andzez: Aunt Poland wants very much to close the US with regard to security

Poland is very close and wants to cooperate with the United States in the field of security – said President Andez Auntie, referring to the agreement signed on Thursday by PGNiG with Cheniere International Marketing.

He noted that he hoped that the agreement signed on Thursday would be an introduction to additional actions.

Auntie said that now the US Army units are in Poland – I am happy that this cooperation is also developing in the field of energy security, and if I look at it, I can say bravely: This is the true partnership of the Transatlantic, the true partnership between Poland and the United States , Which I also dreamed of – I can say with full responsibility – President Lech Kaczynski – said Aunt.

He thanked Cheniere International Marketing PGNiG "for the fact that this contract is over."

– I believe that the cooperation between the companies will be perfect and that this step is very important, and most important, because it is not only a means of close cooperation between Poland and the United States, but above all in the energy field. Because I want to emphasize again, that is long-term and long-term cooperation, that he will be familiar with other activities that will be carried out on this issue – he stressed.


US Secretary of Energy on PGNiG Agreement with Cheniere International Marketing: This is a great day for all of Europe

This is a great partnership and a great day for Europe; Diversification of energy sources is equal to the strength of the Polish economy – said US Energy Secretary Rick Perry, commenting on PGNiG's agreement with Cheniere International Marketing.

– I wanted to bend my head on the fact that you understand how important diversity is. In the United States, we are lucky that we can provide this energy, thanks to American technology, innovation – and thank God – these resources are available to us right now – he added.

According to him, "Cheniere, one of the largest companies engaged in natural gas and PGNiG" is a "big partnership". – It is a signal for all Europe that in this way you can develop the future of Europe, energy security, diversify energy sources – it's a great day for Europe – said Perry.


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