Saturday , October 16 2021

PGNiG Superliga: Władysław Kulesza's debut in VIVE

Kultz, who played the left quarterback, arrived in Kielce from the Belarusian Ska Minsk, signed a five-year contract with VIVE. His stay in the capital of Swietokrzyskie region started very badly. Just before the start of the season, the representative of Belarus suffered a sprain of the head and Pievela. He was 22 years old and needed surgery. After more than two months of rehabilitation, he made his debut in the colors of the Kielce team in a league match against Stal Melek.

– I hope that all the worst is behind. Before the game, I was very nervous, but after a few minutes, stage fright ended. I am happy that I can finally compete in the Kielce group – said Kulesz, who in the game with Stal was only defense because of problems with the bar. The VIVE quarterback criticized his performance quite critically.

– I made too many mistakes, so I can not be completely satisfied with my game. However, I hope that with every meeting I will play, I will look better and better – stressed the Belarusian basketball.

– The most important thing is that it was already in the first game. In the meantime, he played only defense. In two to three weeks he will assist the team in the attack. The mistakes he made today were normal, it was his first appearance after the injury. Now it should be getting better, but we will see Kulesza in full form only in March, April next year – said the coach of Tałant Kielce Dujszebajew.

Other news from the Kielce camp is not so optimistic. Michal Yuritzky, Luca Sindrick (both with groin problems), Jasztof Libski (back injury), Arcom Karlak and Arkadiusz Morito did not play the game with Stahl. "I think the tank will only play in February This year does not look the same on the dance floor, the chances that it will be different are minimal," – said coach Kirghiz. He added that the situation looks a bit better when it comes to Sindereka and Lijewski.

– In the case of Krzysiek, there is a 50 percent probability that he will play in Sunday's Champions League game against Brest Mieszko. Perhaps Luka Skopje will be ready to play – Dujszebajew was not hiding, which was happy with the performance of two sanatoriums: Mariusz Jurkiewicz and Steele against Bartłomiej Bizet. The first of them scored six and the other scored.

– Bartk returned after a very serious injury, so his attitude in this game is commendable. He had problems with effectiveness, but it's normal after such a long break. Mariusz is a very experienced player and he looks today on the trading floor. I'm glad he came back, thanks to this we have a lot more options when it comes to playing the attack – he praised the players VIVE coach.

Minor and Karallk have minor health problems, but both have to play LM game against Mieszko.

In the Polish game before the PGE VIVE League, Kielce defeated Stal Mielec 35:28 in its own court. Those who played the "whistle" of Kielce were unexpectedly big problems with the team of Podkarpacie. Even 20 minutes before the end of the scoreboard was draw (20:20). However, the feeling did not happen, because the team from the city of Swietokrzyskie region included a higher gear and probably won. It was already the 11th victory of the 15th Polish champions, who with a group of points (33) are the clear leader of the table.

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