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Portugal – Poland. Grzegorz Krychowiak: Let's start fighting


Grzegorz Krychowiak argues that Polish representation should achieve better results than recently. – Soccer anger and willingness to show us, not only the fans, but also ourselves that we can afford the game as in the old days – said the midfielder Lukomotive Moscow.

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Krychowiak thinks that at the moment a national team, although in the range of coach & Brzęczka not win in all five games, he is in a better position after the World Championships in Russia.

– So it was worse that we met with even greater criticism. We are aware that from this moment there are no victories and a great change, but everything is ahead of us. I'm very optimistic and I know we can introduce ourselves well and win games, as we did it even two years ago. The only way to do this is through hard work. There are many new players in our group, but also a lot of quality. We are fighting with all our might to achieve this – he said.

But this play failed in Thursday's social confrontation in Gdansk with the Czech Republic, with which "White-Reds" lost 0-1.

– I do not agree that this game was completely successful. In the first half our game did not look as good as in the second part, especially after the lost goal, but it was so we did better when we lost. I also noticed a lot of positive results. Ribals created situations after our simplest mistakes, such as too long distances between players or lack of communication. These things, practical details, can be easily eliminated, and then the team will definitely act differently and play better – he added.

According to the 28-year-old midfielder, the game mostly lacks stability as well as rip.

– We have moments that we do very well for 10-15 minutes, but later we have such simple mistakes do not prove our team well. We need to look solid for 90 minutes. We must also play and play systematically, because especially in the defensive structure, many new players have appeared, which have a negative impact on our game. Such accommodations like the Czechs only serve him – he noted.

One of the most experienced players in the squad, on the other hand, does not intend to point to any finger or to blame personally. His motto is that Poland wins as a group and loses as a team. He also emphasizes that the problem of "white and red" is not only one, only the defense game of the entire team.

– How we protect, depends not only on the defensors, but on the attitude of each team. Each of us has to defend and by the first attacker we are all responsible for defensive play. The best defenders in the world, if they are not supported by the rest of the team, will not do anything and will lose their goals. These defects in defense, as well as in the attack, because we do not score, we need to solve as a collective. Only in this way will we emerge from this difficult period. We have an angry football and a desire to show us, not only the fans, but also myself that this representation can afford such a game as it was in those days – he promised.

Another chance will come Tuesday in Guimareas, where the Poles will stand in Portugal at the last meeting of the League of Nations.

– We'll play with a very demanding opponent. It's a game out of a genre where nobody trusts us and everyone condemns us to fail, so it only depends on us if we show the figure and we can get a good result. And looking at the meeting with Italy in Bologna, we can afford to fight the best and now we have to play a similar game. We, as a team, must show that we can do it, "concluded Crick and Bayack.

Mersin Domansky

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