Saturday , October 16 2021

Prince Charles celebrates his 70th birthday! The newest family picture was shown

This is the Day! Prince Charles only reached the age of 70. The birthday of the heir to the British throne is celebrated since May. From then on Prince Harry managed to marry Megan Markell, Princess Eugenia was married, and Harry again informed the world that he would soon be the father for the first time! A moment before, Princess Kate had given birth to her third child. Prince Louis is the fifth in line on the throne! However, before the children grow, they will spend a lot of time in the British court, among the closest to them. As it turns out, the son of Queen Elizabeth II has a weakness for her first grandchild, which can be seen in the new photos. The royal family only introduced the latest family portraits. It's impossible to hide that Carole loves George. In the picture, of course, there is Prince William with his family, Prince Harry of Meghan, and Camilla. The latter of these people quickly aroused great interest of the fans. Many Internet users think that the prince's second wife does not belong to the family and should not be in the picture. Are they right?

See the latest family photos! We are delighted with Prince Louis, which we have not seen for a long time!

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