Friday , August 19 2022

Silesia Wroclaw were penalized after the game due to Wisla Płock


Silesia in the game in its stadium with Wisla Flock played for more than an hour with the advantage of one player because the defender of competitors was punished with a red card. Wrocławers not only scored three goals at the time, but they did not create any situation. At the post-organization conference, Coach Tadeusz Pavlovsky did not hide that he was ashamed of his players' attitude. "We will not overcome this defeat on the agenda, and we will not say that nothing happened, and the next match is coming," he declared.

Club members rushed to act, and on Monday issued a special statement about the sanctions imposed on the players.

"Due to the result and style of the defeat of lląska Wrocław in the match against Wisła Płock, the management of the club decides to reduce wages in November of the first group of WKS lląsk Wrocław.The penalty was accepted by the team" – you can read.

In addition, fans who bought tickets for the game against Wisla for the next meeting in Wroclaw (with Ljka Gdansk) can buy a ticket for a symbolic PLN. Holders of vouchers will be able to purchase a ticket for a person accompanied also for PLN 1 only.

"The goal of the team ETTO Ekstraklasa to be promoted to the season remains before the team." The decision of the board of directors of the club and the sports director, after consultation with the training team, will be verified by the current staff after the 20th round, during the winter vacation "- preachers message.

He poses a big question mark about Poblowski's future as the first coach of Silesia.

After 14 rounds, the players in Wroclaw were awarded a gift! They lose four eyeballs to the first eight. In the next round, Wiskovic's opponent will be Gorenick and Zvezda.

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