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The end of the lost 2020/2021 season is approaching. Lech Poznan is already in the last micro-motorcycle training before the summer break, which will last almost a month. Before the College players go on vacation, they still have to deal with Gornik Zabrze.

Before the last meeting, coach McKay Scorza had some faculty issues. In Krakow, Michael Ishak was injured in the muscles, it is not known if he will be able to recover on Sunday, in the past there was another striker, Philip Shimchak, who suffered a reserve injury, health problems. In addition, Antonio Milic and Alan Chervinsky saw the card after being forced to pause in the 30th round.

Alan Chervinsky could be replaced by Yaakov Kaminsky or Lubomir Satka, who trained a week before the game against Wisla but did not travel to Krakow. Thomas Rogen will play for Antonio Milicia, and in the absence of Mikael Ishak will be replaced by Aron Johansson.

The next few days in Belch Poznan will be interesting. Contracts end for Tomasz Djewski, Vasyl Kravets and Niss as Sharaba. The injured Georgian will not be bought back and he will return to Cyprus, while the decision regarding the absence of the purchase of Kravets was made long ago. The section included in the loan of the left defender was very high, completely insufficient for the skills of the 24-year-old, who did not work on Bulgarska Street.

Finding a new left-back in the summer is one of the club’s priorities. Timothy Pochach, who is Lech Poznan’s only basic player who can leave Bulgarska in the nearest window, has permission to leave (other top players do not have permission to leave). The future of replacements Aron Johansson and Thomas Rogen (contracts until December) is uncertain, the decision on them will be made after the season, Philip Marczynski can be loaned, in which case a club will have to provide the 19-year-old with regular appearances.

Among the players on loan today are Julius Latnyovsky, who Kay Skorza will want to watch. The 23-year-old is currently battling with Arca Gdynia for promotion to the first division, his club is currently in the playoffs, the 2020/2021 season of “Arkovsi” may last until June 20, so the main connection was not to join the Colleges in July.

The case of Joao Emerel is interesting. The Portuguese does not want to return to Poland, in addition, his current club, which is a revelation of the Portuguese league, has qualified for the European Cups. Paco de Pereira does not yet have the money to buy Emerel, which has a valid contract with Collegorz, until June next year. One of the reasons for the reluctance to play in Poland was the presence of coach Dariusz Shura. Now you are coached by McKay Scorja, who will have to make a great effort to convince the Portuguese to come back and fight for a place in the squad. The actor himself, returning to Go, will still have to reconcile with Pedro Tiva.

There is no issue in Koljortz with the return of Carlo Mohar and Jordia Krnomarkovic. Sports director Tomasz Razaza replaced them with other players in the winter, Lech Poznan would like to get rid of those players, but before that happens, both can temporarily return to Bulgarska Street. After the end of the season, changes will be announced in the training team, which will take place, within a few days, Machi Skorza will also approve the preparation plan for the new 2021/2022 games.

A coach who wants to get an entire team by June 14 (beginning of summer preparations), after the end of this season, intends to follow the league games that will end a week later from the Polish extraclass. In the new season Lech Poznan is supposed to play in a 1-4-3-3 system and in this respect, the search for 4 players who will get stronger and not complete the team is ongoing.

For now, the Colleges are focusing on Sunday’s game against Gornik Zabrze (at 5:30 p.m.), which fans will be able to watch. Both teams have scored 36 points so far, winning 9th place. You have only 9 wins in his account, 4 of them at home.

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