Thursday , October 28 2021

With CarPlay support


AutoMapa has released an update of its maps for iOS 12, which displays support for CarPlay Car System.

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From now on people who connect their phone to CarPlay can use maps of the Polish manufacturer instead of Apple maps.

CarPlay supports all known navigation elements for AutoMapa users: the best maps on the market, voice dialing for address selection and POI, and AutoRadar to exchange information on points of control and other traffic incidents. In addition, while navigating through the car display, you can see more information about the following on-screen maneuvers on the phone screen.

To add an application to CarPlay, you need to switch to iOS, General, and CarPlay Settings. Then touch and hold the AutoMapa icon and drag it into the black box, and select the appropriate arrangement.

AutoMapa program can be downloaded for free from AppStore.

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