Tuesday , June 28 2022

You can fight for independent Rzeczpospolita, a strong form without blood


You can fight for an independent, strong and unblodly community such times are ours; Today, this independence is largely the fate of companies and organizations in your hands – Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Monday in the referendum "100 Independence Day."

You can fight for independence with the entrepreneurship, economy, creativity and innovation of your enterprises, which you are successful in, solid, forward

– said the Prime Minister during a gala organized by Gazeta Polska weekly.

As Matush Moravitzky said, "This contemporary expression of care for our homeland and sovereignty is very important."

The complicated history of Poland in the past thirty years … has led us to the point where much of our economy is in the hands of other organizations, from other countries

– he added.

However, he stressed that "it does not have to be bad" because often these companies pay taxes here, develop their research departments and create jobs here.

But also in a special way, as shown by the French economy on the strength of the French economy, the German economy (…) so that over the years strong Polish organizations capable of expanding the world can testify more and more about the power of the Polish economy, , Creating innovative jobs, based on application, research, development and collaboration with science

– noted Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister thanked the representatives for saying that we have more and more such factories, which are the driving force and locomotive of our economy.

We build the sovereignty of Poland by the definition of the 21st century, which consists of a highly developed network of cooperation in the international arena, supported by increasing Polish capital

– he added.

He also stressed that "we are building a strong economy for the next 100 years, and maybe even more."

I want these changing circumstances to lead to the fact that more and more Polish brands will be built, developed intensively on the basis of Polish organizations

– he added.

According to the prime minister, "there is no strong economy without a strong company."

The company has an economy in its own right, so the new economic model we proposed is a different model, a solidarity model based on a strong economy that is integrated into many social spheres on the basis of a fair economic paradigm

– He pointed.

During the celebration, a special letter was also sent to the editor-in-chief of the weekly Tomas Sakiewicz by the president of the trial and trial, Jaroslav Kaczynski.

I would like to thank you for the "Gazeta Polska" team for your generous remembrance and invitation to the Gala "100 Years of Independence"

– stressed President Pis.

He also welcomed the "Great Idea", which is the project "Economic Fund of Independence", which organized a referendum with the company and the brand of 100 anniversary of Niepodległości.

This very valuable initiative not only promotes, expands and deepens knowledge about the economic history of Oderdezhów Poland, but also makes events from the economic history of Polish lands close to our heart

– said President Katzinsky.

It exemplifies the scope of efforts that our ancestors needed to take to rebuild our homeland and direct it to the roads of modern development, which was unfortunately disturbed by World War II

– he added.

It also guides us to think about how these experiences can be used in our work today to build a thriving and prosperous republic of Poland.

At the same time, the President of PIS wants "the whole community + Gazeta Polska + successes and many initiatives no less great."

As noted by the organizers of the referendum, "Independence Day 100," it is worth mentioning that "contemporary Polish societies have a basis for addressing the traditions of thousands of large organizations, small and small, operating during the first 20 years of independence."

Large and small organizations alike were submitted to a referendum. Of these, the jury chose hundreds of companies, which were then voted by newspaper readers.


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