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At the end of the week there is a fair brunch in Marvila with menus of up to 12 euros


BrunchVilla, the first Brunch Fair in the country, promoted by the Mystery Couple in Marville, Lisbon, takes place this weekend – 10 and 11 November.

"For some of them a late breakfast, for others it's an early lunch or even an after-hours snack, and for us it's just our favorite meal," the organizers explain.

Each of the restaurants that have been invited to serve the best brunch in Lisbon will have at least a brunch menu. At a price of up to 12 euros.

It was the first Michelin star in Lisbon. For the 10th and 11th of November, German chef Joachim Karper created a Brunch menu surprise.

This is one of the territories of Kiko Chef in Lisbon, and will be in BrunchVilla with two special menus for the event, where you will find Tetkis, Lobster Guides and other wonders.

Coffee with quiet
It was considered the best brunch of Marvela by the mystery of the couple, therefore, had to be present at this event honoring the neighborhood. In brunch, you will get three brunch menus, including vegan mini brunch for kids.

Caffe slowed down
Let's just give you an idea: French toast with bacon and crisp egg stars. Okay, we give another: pancakes with Nutella. Now imagine the other temptations that will be brunch Choupana Coffee.

For natural
Here you can enjoy healthy, vegan and even gluten-free brunch, where you will find some divine toasts made with sweet potatoes instead of bread.

Local – your healthy kitchen
This is one of the best brunch in Cascais and recently opened in Lisbon. This is the ideal place for those on a diet that wants a good brunch. Or anyone who wants a vegan option with organic and delicious products.

It opened a year ago, in Real Príncipe, and has been a reference to healthy eating in Lisbon. In BrunchVilla you will have options like acai or healthy pancakes.

There are probably the most sweet croissants in Lisbon and Benedict's divine eggs. Guess what you will find on the Brunch menu that they will bring to Branashvilla?

Then you can complete the brunch with some extras or with a varied offer distributed by various thematic areas.

The Hangover /, For example, has the ideal brunch to help survive the most difficult mornings when a headache does not help us forget the loud evening of glasses the day before. The menu is prepared by nutritionists from LOVEAT.

Poster 3 From: Dom Corner / There are the best art cakes in Lisbon, selected by the store "We Are More Cakes" from Time Out Market.

Ice cream corner Presents the wonderful and amazing ice creams from the famous Italian ice cream shop Nannarella, which is made every day by hand, with the best fruits purchased directly from the producers.

The juice corner Will be delicious natural juices from Veggie wave, which has the uniqueness of "binding" the client to the pedal on bicycles to make their juice. The more you pedal, the more fruit you will crush.

These offers complement Lipton's tea corner (baked tea, fruit and spices and hot tea); Mimosa by Esporão (mimosa cocktails, wines and sparkling wines); Cattinio de Serbiera by Super Bock Selection 1927 (beer and craft) and Cantinario make coffee by Nescafé Dolce Gusto (coffee, lattes, cappuccino, etc.)

With all this, will you stay home?

pay attention:
The Castle Castel Mysterio
November 10 and November 11
From 10 am to 7 pm at Prateato Design Loft, Cedars 6, Henrique Pereira Street, Marvila
Entrance fee: EUR 3 (children under 12 years old do not pay)
Menus for brunch: 12 €

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