Wednesday , September 28 2022

Bugatti also sells a bottle of champagne … carbon! Last minute


Bugatti joined carbon champagne to create a very special champagne at the height of. Chiron!

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"If you do not drink!", How many times have you heard / read this phrase? This may not be more true, but this does not mean that car manufacturers can not join the brand of alcoholic beverages. The last to do so was the Bugatti, joining Carbon Champagne to create a very special Champagne, at the height … Chiron!

You probably already know the company's Formula 1 Formula, which in 2017 replaced Chandonne in supplying champagne for the riders to celebrate the end of the races, but now joined the French manufacturer to create one of the most prestigious bottles on the planet.

Champagne from which there is 90% "Chardonnay grapes" and 10% Pinot Noir, and produced in the same French region where Bugatti is based in Alsace.

As with the over-sports produced there, this champagne also targets customers looking for a unique experience. The price of each bottle has not yet been revealed, but the copies we see on the stands of Formula 1 have a price of about 2,600 euros,This machine.

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