Wednesday , September 28 2022

Car gets off the road during Macau Grand Prix in Formula 3. Pilot hit – observer


Five people were injured on Sunday in a strange accident of the Macau Formula 3 Grand Prix, the organization said. The car involved in the accident was completely canceled, but the German driver survived his wounds.

The race was interrupted shortly before 4:00 pm (8:00 pm in Lisbon), and it was almost an hour after Sofia Forsch's young car pulled off the track at high speed, bypassing the defense rails as he approached the bend of the Lisbon Hotel.

Videos broadcast on social networks by viewers on a track show the accident from different angles. Sophia Floresch's car skids as she prepares for a corner but does not turn around, moving on the track at high speed.

According to the organization, the accident caused the injury of two pilots, two photographers and the race prosecutor.

According to the organization, all those involved were transferred to the hospital, where they received medical treatment.

Sofia Floresh, 17, born in Germany, performs for the first time in the Macau Grand Prix.

[Veja neste vídeo o acidente em câmara lenta]

Last year, the competition was marked by the death of British driver Daniel Hegarty (Honda), 31, after an accident in the middle of a motorcycle race, which has not been fatal since 2012.

The Macau Grand Prix includes three car racing – Formula 3, GT and Touring Car World Cups (WTCR) – as well as the Macau Grand Prix 52, as well as the Macau Car Touring Car and the Grand Bay Cup.

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