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Celiac disease, when uncontrolled, impairs the absorption of nutrients


Today, the Messiah Redeemer will be illuminated in green with the goal of making Rio's people aware of celiac disease, an autoimmune condition triggered by the ingestion of gluten. When celiac patients consume this protein – found in wheat, oatmeal, barley, rye and their derivatives – damage to the small intestinal mucosa, which is responsible for food intake, causes weight loss.

– Our action in Christ the Redeemer wants to give exposure to celiac conditions. We believe that the outcome of this campaign will be very positive and will reach a number of people who have not yet been diagnosed with the disease, "said Susan Boydg, president of Acelbra-RJ, the body responsible for the Messiah initiative.

The discovery of celiac disease is not an easy task. Sometimes it is necessary to do a battery of tests and even a biopsy.

– Approved cases of celiac disease in the family help the doctor direct the investigation. The diagnosis includes a blood test, which checks the presence of specific antibodies. For some patients, only the dose of the specific antibodies and the positive clinical response to a gluten-free diet with the negatives of the antibodies after the change are sufficient for diagnosis. However, in some cases a small bowel biopsy is necessary – details from Marcia Wahba, medical consultant in gastroenterology at A + laboratories.

Eduardo Borges, Little Liss's father, completely changed her diet to accompany her daughter after she discovered she was sick.

We learned when she was a baby. When we introduced solid food, we noticed that something very wrong was beginning to happen. The child was weak, very ill, in need of immediate hospitalization. It was a painful time surrounded by doubts – remember.

According to Marcia Wehba, the only treatment against this condition is to definitely follow a gluten-free diet.

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