Monday , October 25 2021

Cuba decides to leave another medical program in Brazil


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The Cuban government announced today that it has decided not to continue to participate in the social program "Mais Médicos do Brasil" social after statements "threatening and worse" by President-elect Yair Bolsonaro (PSL). The agreement with the Cuban government was made between Brazil and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). right now the Holy Spirit, About 210 doctors work in various authorities in the country, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

Across Brazil, the MIS Mdicos program has 18,240 locations in 4,058 municipalities, covering 73% of Brazilian cities. According to the Cuban government, in five years of work on the Brazilian program, about 20 thousand doctors attended 113.539 million patients and more than 3.6 thousand municipalities.

In conversation with Online newspaper, President of the Regional Council of the Holy Spirit (CRM-ES), Celso Morad, said that the Cuban government has complete freedom to decide on the programs it wants to participate in. For Celso, the decision received on Wednesday by the Cuban government only add, because for him, Brazil has a number of doctors enough to meet the demand of the population.

In addition, the president of CRM-ES, the Holy Spirit There was a significant loss in the municipalities in which the most medical program was implemented. This is due to vacancies held by Cuban doctors. "In my opinion, this program benefited only from the political side, job vacancies of professionals who worked in the country were held by Cuban doctors who have been working in Espirito Santo since 2013," he said.

Celso believes that the Cuban government made the decision only because of economic factors. "The Cuban government has another winning plan, and President Boulsono's statement does not support Cuba's federal government," he said.

The Health Ministry also said it had received a statement from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), in which the Cuban government approved the closure of its partner in the Madis program. The Ministry of Health reported that, in view of the fact, the federal government is taking all measures to ensure the assistance of Brazilians with the assistance of family health teams who rely on professionals from Cuba.

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According to the agency, the immediate initiative will be the initiative, in the coming days, of a public announcement to doctors interested in catching the vacancies left by Cuban professionals. The priority call of brazilian trained candidates in Brazil will be respected, followed by Brazilians trained abroad.

Still with information from the Ministry of Health, since 2016 the body has been working on reducing Cuban doctors in the program. By this date, about 11,400 professionals from Cuba worked at Mays Doctores throughout Brazil. Currently, 8,332 out of 18,240 places are occupied by the program.

The Ministry of Health explains that other measures to increase the participation of Brazilians have been studied, such as negotiations with students who have completed the FIS program. These actions may be adopted as needed and understandings with the transition team of the new government.

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