Saturday , October 1 2022

Fallout 76 players release 3 nuclei and freeze freeze •


What happened when you destroyed three nuclear bombs simultaneously at the Fallout 76?

It was just that a group of players went out to discover in front of it spectacular, they stood before the screen and informed that they were disconnected from the servers.

The players have already tried to launch a nuclear bomb and found that it gave rise to the Scorchbeast Queen at a very high level and a large booty of excellent quality.

The same players decided to collect three nuclear bombs and launch them simultaneously, as can be seen below. However, they were not eligible for high quality spoils.

As shown in the video below, three nuclear bombs went too far for the servers and the connection was stopped a moment later.

Server failure may not be directly related to three bombs at the same time, but these players have achieved a completely unexpected moment.

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