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Glycemic meter helps young people with diabetes – last minute


The device that allows readings of the above clothing values ​​is to be reimbursed.

By Francisca Nascio – Corriot de Manet

This is the size of a two-euro coin and is located on the back of the arm – this is how you can characterize the FreeStyle Libre Glucose Meter, which has changed the lives of diabetics around the world because the Portuguese state will begin to be shared by 85%.

The good news was given by the National Anti-Drug Authority, after the government reached an agreement with the company responsible for producing the medical device. In total, there will be approximately 15,000 people with type 1 diabetes, which includes all children over the age of 4 suffering from the disease, which will be covered by the index.

"This new device enables continuous monitoring of blood glucose without any stings and reading of values ​​even over clothes," he explained. CM Coordinator of the Center for Children and Adolescents at Monkey Discovers, Anna Saro Neto.

The sensor allows storing glucose values ​​continuously for two weeks – the duration of the sensor, according to Infarmed. "Patients can also record the food they eat, as in the diary, allowing better characterization of the profile of fluctuations in glucose levels," says Anna Sarra Neto.

In Portugal, the device was launched about a year ago. The starter kit costs about 170 euros: it contains the reader and two sensors for the first month. Each sensor can then be purchased for about € 60, and two months are required per month. The blood glucose meter prevents diabetics from averaging six times a day.

"I lost about £ 25 a month"
Vera Ruivo Dias was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 17. "The diagnosis was complicated because I did not know the signs, only when I lost about 25 kilograms a month I woke up," says the 30-year-old nutritionist.

Two years ago he created the blog DeVerasNutritivo, where he promoted the demystification of some ideas about the disease as well as sharing of experiences. Vera currently does insulin treatment, but there are some restrictions on nutrition. "I do not rule out anything, but sometimes you have to control," he says.

Council of the Week
For those who like sweet foods, there are several ways to replace the presence of sugar in cooking. According to nutritionists, fruits like bananas, dates, and spices like cinnamon can be good alternatives to interchangeable as well as herbs or nuts.

Even the seeds of rice are an excellent choice, since they have high fiber content as well as healthy fats, such as omega-3, calcium and antioxidants. Chihuahua can be consumed in shakes, juices, yogurt, cereals, oats, etc. You can also add cooked.

Alert for carbohydrates and fat
The number of children with diabetes has increased over the years, according to statistics. The national diabetes observer pointed out in 2015 to 13.3 new cases per year per 100,000 inhabitants from zero to fourteen years. In the same year there were 3327 new cases, in the population between 0 and 19 years.

Since diabetes is a chronic disease, treatment often take a meal, especially in children. "The consumption of carbohydrates [presentes no arroz e na massa, por exemplo] Should be controlled, "said Anna Sarra Neto, stressing that" children's nutrition should be very balanced and healthy, because too much fat should be avoided. "

Dietary restrictions, however, can be difficult to explain to children aged 4-5 years. "The success of the treatment promotes a long way to family education, and if adherence to a limited sugar diet is critical, it is also essential to explain the unconditional restrictions on life," he says.

Patients lose eight years of life
According to data published by the General Directorate of Health according to the latest data of diabetes – Facts and Figures, 2016 study, over one million Portuguese women between the ages of 20 and 79 are diabetics and a quarter of people between the ages of 60 and 60 -79 suffer from the disease.

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