Monday , October 3 2022

More blocked mentors and Portuguese music. “The Voice of Portugal” returns this coming Sunday – TV


This coming Sunday, another edition of “The Voice Portugal” arrives on RTP1 antenna. The talent show, which led to the victory of Luis Trigciero in the eighth edition, is the public station’s bet to compete in “Quem Quer Namorar com o Agricultor? – Tudo por Tudo” in SIC, and with the reality show “Big Brother”, on TVI.

And why can you watch this ninth edition? Katrina Fortado and Vasco Palmier continue to be the service waiters, accompanied by mentors Diogo Pichera, Antonio Zambujo, Marissa Liz and Ura., Who will manage in the blind competition stage to collect the largest number of talents in their teams.

In the days before the premiere, Katrina Fortado addressed exactly the issue of mentors who have no idea who is singing before turning their chairs. “Our mentors, who know nothing, carry (or do not), according to what they are feeling at the moment,” the presenter said in press releases. “For my health’s, I’m raising my children here – they’re the most precious things I’ve had in my life, nothing compares to my children – [os mentores do ‘The Voice Portugal’] They know nothing. “

This new season, in addition to a lot of talent, bands and other Portuguese music, you can expect voices of all ages and nationalities, RTP promises. Although there is still no confirmed date, it is known that there will be a special celebration in December to celebrate the ten years of the format.

Another innovation in the ninth edition is the possibility for mentors to block colleagues “twice during all blind experiments”, which “can happen at any time during the candidate’s appearance” (even if he has not yet turned his chair or if he is already face to face with the candidate), according to RTP . More: This year two mentors can be blocked in the same blind test.

“The Voice Portugal” premieres on RTP1 this coming Sunday, October 17, at 9:15 p.m.

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