Thursday , October 6 2022

OE looks deficit, but is not ambitious for companies – Economy


Luís Pereira Coutinho believes that there is no positive environment for the growth of companies in Portugal, in particular the larger ones. And the next year's state budget does not solve the problem.

"It is very unambitious in what it means to promote and create the conditions for large Portuguese companies to grow and earn a living abroad," responds the executive president of Banco CTT, urged to respond to the state budget for 2019 in the field of capital, business and antenna conversation.

According to Pereira Cotigno, there is little incentive for large groups in Portugal, with the option of a policy in favor of small and medium enterprises.

"I think there should be a more favorable environment for business development and business growth, there are no companies that can be internationalized if they are not strong at home," said Luis Ferreira Cotigno, who before joining Banco CTT in 2015 was the director of Banco Comercial Português, He was responsible for overseas entities, such as the National Bank Millennium.

For the banker, thirst should be strong. If not, there is no way to develop: "If the base is not strong, you can not go outside, and in fact I think Portugal can have a common regime of more favorable elements for the development of companies, finances and not only."

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