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Portal Caparaó – model manhuaçuense died during the fashion week fashion show Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo (SP) Telas Suarez, a 26-year-old man from Buenos Aires, died after a sudden illness on Saturday afternoon (04/27) during a fashion show at the Fashion Week of Oxse.

The stories of Kota, the name as it was presented, went wrong on the runway, stumbled and fell. He came to serve by a team of rescuers, but he did not object. "We provide all the assistance required at this stage," SPFW said in a statement, after fainting on the runway, Soares was taken out of the space of Parades, Arca, in the western region of Sao Paulo. The firemen tried to revive him and then took him to the town emergency room of Lappa. The hypothesis is that he has an epileptic seizure.

"In the last messages he sent me, he asked me to participate in the parades, that he was wearing a beautiful garment and that he would devote himself to the tracks for a year," recalls his friend Palo Rivero, the owner of all models of Asperito Santo, the first of which Suarez was a part.

"We were very close friends, he always said that when I was on the runway, I would be with him, stories dying to do what he loved most."

Soares lived in Sao Paulo since 2017, in Sao Paulo, and was part of casting the base agency. She was a model since she was 18. Mineiro of the city of Manhuaçu (Minas Gerais), did physical education at UFES (Federal University of Espírito Santo). It was at this point started to model, being mediated by all models.

His first major event was in July 2018, at Casa de Criadores, known to launch new names in the fashion world in Brazil. Then, in October, he first appeared in the SPFW, in the brand-name parade. In this edition, he returned to the parade for the brand on Friday (26).

He was a vegetarian, and according to some models present at the Oksa parade, he was nervous because he did not eat. He said there was no such meal in the dressing room.

InStagram, the concert about the death of the model. "Every team is scared," they said. "Our sincere condolences to the Thales family and the friends of the base agency."

According to Ribeiro, the model was dubious at the beginning of the race for being considered low. Sawers was six feet tall. "He denied it by an agency where I worked, squeezed his nose, said it was not high enough," he recalls. "When I opened mine, all the models brought it in. Stories were always an example of perseverance."

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