Thursday , October 21 2021

Portuguese Win First Edition of Blue Bio Value Program


Undersee has developed a mechanism for collecting water quality data in real time and SEAentia is dedicated to the sustainable production of corvina agriculture in the recirculation system. They were among the three finalists to win the Blue Bio Value, the first national program to accelerate projects related to blue bioeconomy.

The Dutch project Hoekmine and the national projects Undersee and SeAentia were the first winners of the Blue Blue Value acceleration program, a partnership between the Oceano Azul Foundation and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Winning ideas received € 45,000 each to develop projects dedicated to blue bioeconomy.

The earthly winners are Undersee, a native of Coimbra, who developed an instrument and application for the collection of real-time water quality data and SEAentia, a native of Cantanhede, which is dedicated to the sustainable production of corvina agriculture in the recirculation system. Following the conception of the circular economy, the company hopes to expand the production of algae, mussels and other species.

A initialization Dutch company Hoekmine introduces a very innovative technology for dye development based on marine bacteria, replacing the use of chemicals, paints that can be applied in clothing, cosmetics, automotive and many other industries.

According to Jose Suarez dos Santos, founder and president of the Ociano Azul Foundation, the entrepreneurs who participated in the project "have proven what it takes to be entrepreneurs."

For eight weeks, the 13 finalists acquired business management skills and received training from over 40 instructors. The president of the Calvost Gulbenkian Foundation, Isabel Motta, promises that this edition was a boost to an "even more ambitious" edition.

Isabel Motta emphasizes that by driving "positive business impact models, we believe we will promote sustainable patterns of production and consumption."

The Blue Bio Value program is an international acceleration program for blue-biotech projects and start-ups, as well as a partnership with Start-Up Factory, Lobio Alliance and Faber Ventures. The goal is to turn ideas into business opportunities along the value chain of marine bioreactors, including biotechnology, and develop sustainable products or services.

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