Tuesday , May 11 2021

Return of 928? Porsche Panamera can win POS and convertible versions

After launching the Cayenne Coupe as a direct response to the success of the BMW X6, Porsche seems to be preparing further attacks against the Bavarian brand. As reported this week by the British magazine bus, There are plans for the development and launch in 2020 of coupe convertible versions of Panamera. Details of the project are still well preserved, but it seems that the work is very advanced and that the idea will compete directly in the respective versions of Series 8.

Approval of new models has not been given yet, but brand leaders suggest something can be on the way. "As a designer, there is no limit to what I can think of, I think it is the planning department's job to outline and consider every possible model for the future so that we can continue if someone wants to continue with the project," said design director Michael Muir. With an internal 2 + 2 configuration equal to 911, but with a larger space for passengers and optimum practicality.

The adopted platform will be a shortened version of Panamera's MSB base, whose family is already considering variants in Sedan and Turkey.

source: bus

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