Thursday , February 25 2021

Rodolfo Coria had already taken over sports

Rodolfo Coria, the new sporting assistant coach, worked at the Alcocchio Academy on Thursday in a training session where Marcel Kaiser did not trust Coates, recovering from melancholia, Rodrigo Batalya, recovering from surgery and Stefan Ristowski, who were handed over to the medical department for treatment and recovery.
The sporting director of Sporting, Pedro Pedro Arauj, was also at Leonin's training center with the new physiotherapist, Ruben Ferreira, who would work with Hugo Pontes and Ludovico Marx and with the nurse Alexander Rodriguez, who were already part of the medical team.

"The technical team consists of the main coach, Marcel Kaiser, the coaches coaches Rodolfo Coria and Roy Hendricksen, goalkeeper coach Nelson Ferreira, coach Gounce Lou Albarro, and sports scientist Elireza Rabbini," highlighting the white brick in a note posted on the official website.

For Friday planned a new training Alcochete, at 10:30, behind closed doors.

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