Thursday , May 19 2022

Stephen Hawking's personal items are sold in London


A rare selection of works and objects by physicist Stephen Hawking, who died in March this year, was sold at auction. Among his items was his red leather chair, sold for $ 387,402, and a copy of his doctoral dissertation, Characteristics of expanding the universe, For $ 763,381.

Christie's auction in London, UK, which took place between October 31 and November 8, also sold a copy of his book A brief history of time (A brief history of time), Signed with his fingerprint at $ 89,751, his Alpha Industries cat for $ 52,219, and his medal collection awards for $ 387,402.

One of the first motorized chairs used by Stephen Hawking (Photo: Reproduction)
Copy of short history of time signed with Hawking Digital (Photo: Frank Augustine)

But it was not only the personal documents of the physicist sold, but also the script of Hawking's appearance in the series The Simpsons / For $ 8,157 and an invitation to Recepction for Time Travelers, organized by him to try to prove that it was possible to travel at $ 14,682.

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Reception Reception for TIme Travelers (Photo: Frank Augustine)

The wheelchair, which was one of the first used by the physicist after diagnosis of his disease, multiple sclerosis, was sold twenty times the expected value, and the money would go to his fund, the Stephen Hawking Foundation and the Neuron Motor Association, which helps people with the same condition.

In addition to Hawking, the auction sold handwritten documents by Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein.

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