Friday , February 26 2021

The Bragança room is fined 12,000 euros for arranging on the rural road

The mayor presented the case during a discussion on forest fire prevention in the presence of Secretary of State for Civil Defense, Arthur Neves, who proposed the presentation of the issue of government colleague Celia Ramos, Secretary of State for the planning and conservation of spatial nature.

Hernâni Dias explained that the misdemeanor initially pointed to the value of "70 thousand euros", meanwhile the municipality appealed and now received a "fine of 12,000 euros" for the fact "intervened on a rural road in the area of ​​the natural park of Montesinew."

The Mayor of Braganza said that the intervention of the municipality was made at the request of a Donai population, who could no longer cross the rural road connecting the neighboring village of Karagossa.

"Today, the needs of the populations are not exactly those that were once with a bull cart or another, but not with a tractor or even with a vehicle," he said.

He said that at an early stage the municipality had contacted the ICNF to help define the intervention profile that was to be implemented and was a collaboration of the institute.

"However, at the point where they intervened, was this decision to pick up a car of misconduct and now is in the final stage, it will impose a fine of 12 thousand euros on the municipality, which made us be forced to put these 12,000 euros such, Much more useful in everything else, "he said.

The mayor sees the fine as a "waste of money" and proved "how ICNF works for the bodies that also have responsibility in the field."

"We feel very, very hurt in this process, and of course we will always express our disagreement and our denial of such a situation, because they harm and punish not only the municipality, but also the citizens we represent."

Herni Diaz also suggested to the JNF that "it is better to go and see protected oaks that were saved illegally," recently in the city of Bragansa, near a building under construction, "and no one cared."

Complaints against the Institute that runs protected areas are common among local councils in this region, with municipalities such as Vinhis adding some fines to situations similar to those reported by Bragança.

The president of the Inter-Community Community of Trace-O-Montes, Arthur Nunes, confirmed the criticism at the ceremony in Barragansa, noting that "there is a serious problem in the management and mutual liaison between the JNF and the municipalities."

"There is a relationship of penal cooperation and a bit of organization, management, protection, prevention," he said.

The Institute comes to "expand its ability to intervene in the field, especially in terms of construction," according to Arthur Nunes, who is also president of the Miranda do Douro Chamber, a municipality that combines the international Dauoro Nature Park.

The mayor criticized the binding nature of the JNF's opinion on construction, for example, when he argues, "This is an exclusive matter of rooms at the PDM level [Plano Diretor Municipal]"He said.

"We can not overlap between what the city council has poured into the PDM and then from the ICNF side, saying that they have guardianship and that they have the qualifications," he argued.

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