Saturday , October 16 2021

The garden tells the Bolsonoros and Madores that they may appear in my account

The former president of the Madeira Regional Government, Alberto João Jardim, returned on Friday to defend the urgency of a constitutional amendment as the only solution to prevent radical drifting in the country: whether they are left or right.

"There is a democratic solution to Portugal, without being precise what is usually seen under these circumstances: Boulsonos on the right and Meddos on the left," he told reporters, No! Which marks the debut of the politician Madeirene Beaux's literary genre. But to make the transition safely, he said, it is necessary to "change the national political regime," which is done only through constitutional amendment.

The former Chief of Staff of Medin, his role for 37 years, does not hide that he was always "against the constitutional regime of 76" because it does not represent "ideal democracy" for the country. "For me, an ideal democratic regime is the proposal I make Fighting reportHe added, referring to the political memory he published last year.

No! Is, as the author puts it, a fiction that seeks to point out the future of the country. The pages of the book in Portuguese society from the 1970s to the end of the 1920s focus on the political thought of Gérardes – the one that protected it during the last years of gardening and served as the basis for a presidential candidacy project that was considered in 2016 and did not materialize.

"You reach a certain age, you do not have so much responsibility and you have to find a way to conquer time, do what you love, I like to write, I started to joke and I made romance," Alberto Jared told " Roman at the age of 75.

The book, the second one published after retiring from active politics in 2015, was presented at the press museum in Camara de Lobos, in a room crammed with old and new Pas, and even with some former political opponents.

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