Saturday , May 21 2022

The new application of NOS Net – Nos easily manage your router


If a few years ago it was complex to access the router from the operator and make configurations, today everything is simpler and more practical.

In addition to improvements in equipment management interfaces, operators are also betting on applications that allow users to interact with network equipment. Recently NOS launched the NOS Net App Let's get to know the news.


The NOS Net application lets you manage the Internet from your home remotely using your tablet or smartphone. Using this application the user can do:

  • Manage access, Configuring at a time when each device can access the Internet
  • greed cWi-Fi Speed ​​settings Such as changing your Wi-Fi name and password Manage a network for friends or neighbors.


For those who do not need to have the network always on or want to save energy, now you can set the time to have your Wi-Fi network on / off. With Eco Wi-Fi You just need to set start and end time cycle.


The NOS Net App app is available for free for iOS and Android through a download on the App Store and on Google Play. In addition to the app, You can also access all the management, configuration, and personalization functions of your home Wi-Fi network.

NOS Net App allows you to manage and configure the Wi-Fi NOS routers, even those of older generations, although with a more limited range of features, where Wi-Fi and password change features are available, a router, a pair of Wi-Fi through WPS, as well as Wi-Fi optimization.

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