Thursday , September 29 2022

Amazon Founder, Unexpected Statements About His Company!


Amazon will go bankrupt! Even the founder of the company said it unexpectedly! Jeff Bezos, the "Father" Amazon, at an administrative meeting last week, admitted that his business might fall at any time. He even claimed that:"Amazon is not too big to fall … In fact, I predict that one day Amazon will fail". It looks like a giant can also be put on the right side. "Amazon will go bankrupt.If you look at large companies, their life tends to be over 30 years, not over 100 years", Said the founder of Amazon.

All the statements of the richest man in modern business history refer to how the company resisted for 24 years: focusing on the will of customers, what you will do from now on. "If we start focusing on ourselves instead of focusing on our customers, it will be the beginning of the end … we should try to postpone the day as much as possible", Said Jeff Bezos.

Amazon will go bankrupt! "Society is not too big to fall!"

Amazon will go bankrupt, and that's what the company's founder, Jeff Bezos, promises us
Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon

But, according to some Amazon employees who spoke with CNBC, it is in a state of anonymity, it seems that others are the priorities of the future of society. Government regulations and possible violations of antitrust laws are at the forefront. Instead, the Amazon boss said something else in the records. He admits that he has a big, rational company for any kind of society of this kind, is to research them. "It is known that we are a large company, it is rational that large institutions of any kind, whether it be companies or governments, be investigated", Said Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

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