Monday , April 12 2021

Busy drivers do not fit into AutoCAD

He tried to move the seat back, but he did not look good in mirrors, said some STB sources, under the protection of anonymity.

City representatives confirmed the existence of the problem and say that they will be resolved at the expense of producer, says the source quoted. But apart from the problem of seat adjustment, other problems have also been reported on the buses of the Turkish company Otokar, which won the tender PMB:

  • Not equipped with back mirrors, up. These are just down, the visibility being lower;
  • You do not have the stop button when the bus stops, and then start with acceleration, as old buses do;
  • The buses do not have a delay handle at the wheel.

"With regard to the issues raised, we would like to inform you that all the requests of the Bucharest Transport Company regarding the new OTOKAR buses are operated at no additional cost by the manufacturer to meet the needs of public transportation in Bucharest." We hereby announce that all buses will be equipped with the "BUS & By mounting the switch on the board and the driver's seat has been adapted to the STB request.Also, all buses will be equipped with a retarder steering wheel, in addition to the retarder function provided by the brake pedal.In terms of the visibility of the rear mirrors and lights, they are consistent with Regulations for the ECE-UN and RAR (Romania's automatic registration), "said the municipality at the request of

The driver's seat in the new autocar

The driver's seat in the new autocar

A removable lever is a device, hydraulic or electric, used to improve or replace some braking system functions, and is especially used for large machines. Friction-based brake systems can yield over time if they are used in excess.

A machine that can not stop time is dangerous, especially if it is sending people or different materials. For this reason, to improve braking time, many trucks or buses are equipped with various braking systems that are friction-based.

The main goal of the inhibitors is to slow the vehicle, or maintain a constant speed when the car descends on the slope, hill etc. It is important to know that these devices do not have the ability to stop the vehicle because of their lower speed, lower efficiency. The inhibitor serves as an aid to the traditional braking system.

The brake system is the one that stops the car completely after the delay slows the machine. Since the traditional brake is used less often it can be said that the retarder prolongs the life of the braking system (cf

"I am happy to tell people in Bucharest that the first new buses have arrived in the capital, with air-conditioned buses with smart charging, accessible to all categories of passengers, and video surveillance both inside and out of the country. "Said Bucharest Mayor Gabriella Fiera.

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