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DINAMO – FCSB LIVE VIDEO ONLINE STREAMING 2018 DIGI SPORT Telecom Sport TV: Dynamo Game – FCSB, from the 15th round of the first league, will be played on Sunday at 21:00 on Sunday in the national arena.

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Magazine: Mirza & Rednick
26. Pendo – 22. Sorscu, 6. Popescu, 3. Katsikas, Popovitz – 18. Cooper – 4. Hanka, 10. Nestor, 99. Moldovano, 20. Salomau – 19. D. Popa
Coach: Mirza Rednik
Reserves: 12. Asano, 13. D. Civotario, 17. Corobo, 21. Gumlet, 25. Zeneka, 27. R. Grigor, 29. Nikotsko
Absence: Chickens, Etman (not sure)

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SYSTEM: 4-2-3-1
Instructor: Nikolai Dika
34. Balgarden – 20. Ben-Natzer, 16. Plantissi, Philip, 77. Al. Stan – 6. Turn on, 80. Tykesira – 98. Man, 10. Tenaz, 7. Plane Coman – 9. Genohara
99. a. Vlad, 11. Murutan, 17. Colis, 22. c. Dumitro, 24. Roscoe, 26. d. Benzer, 33. Zlatinsky, 42. Toma
Absence: detective, proverbial, pintilia, ob. Popescu (injured), Jay Morais, Roman I (Suspended)

FCSB technician Nikolai Dika said at a press conference on Saturday that Dynamo's derby did not change the ranking, stressing that the most important players in Mircea Rednic's team were Nistor and Salomao.

"In this derby it does not change the place in the rankings." Players will have a different approach, I think the game of the team has grown since Radney came in. Stan and Planici will try to get them today with the team, 60-70 percent are okay, look if they play, I prefer to play with the central defender Russo, than to play with someone who is not restored, I do not force any player to play, Alibi in the state of the field, we have to give everything to win It is very hard to look at Dynamo At this point, they changed three coaches, brought new players, but I think the most important are Nestor and Salomeo, I want the supporters to come as much as possible and to encourage us, We have a good morals and we need to stay as close as possible to CFR Cluj, because our goal is to win the championship, "Dicka said at a press conference.

The Redek, the coach of Dynamo, says it will be a perfect victory against FCSB in the Sunday derby, as he and his players still hope they can get to play the League A

"We need points and we will try to get all three on Sunday, we know we have a good opponent with quality players, they have no constant development, but they It's ideal to win against a star, but I'm sure my players will concentrate on these games, not in the cup game, but only me and the players believe it. We can get into the game, we know many will love not to get there and know why The last we took one goal, we only had problems at regular stages, "Radnik said at a press conference.

The technician apologized publicly for the statement given to Nikolai Dika, who said he was not getting his driver's license: "I have to apologize to Dicka because I did not know he got the license, but you shit and shit did not say anything, I really do not know and now I'm not saying anything about Dika, he's a coach and he's responsible for what happens to his team. "

On the state of the lawn, Rednick said he was disappointed, but he believes FCSB will have more to lose because it has more technical players. "I think we'll be more profitable considering that they have quality players, Teixeira, Coman, Man, Tanase, who have a very good technique." Genoher is not a technical player, Gnohere is a pure striker, it does not change the ground, it is important to bring the ball in front of the gate and from there he does it, "said Mircea Rednic, who said that only one of the newcomers will be part of the match with FCSB.

Judge Istvan Kovacs will arrive at the center of the game of Dynamo – FCSB, which will be screened on Sunday at the National Stadium from 21.00 in the 15th round of the A & A League.

Kovacs will be assisted by assistants Vasyl Marinescu and Ovidiu Artene.

The reserve judge will be Marian Barbu, observers Aaron Huzu and Paul Mincu.

On the first day of Sunday, Hermannstadt – FC Botoşani, scheduled for 17:30, will be selector by a division formed by Andrei Florin Chivulete (center), Ciprian Florin Danşa, Bogdan Gheorghe (assistants) and Iulian Dima (reserve). Viewers will be Christian Nika and Christian Vask.

The road traffic will be restricted on Sunday night in the national arena, where the football match between Dynamo and FCSB will take place.

According to the Capital Road Division, traffic on roads, excluding STB, will be limited from 18.00, gradually, according to public abundance, and if the situation forces it on Major Corobo Street between Sue. Mihai Bravu and entrance to the National Stadium, Pierre de Coubertin, between Str. Fireplace light and ring entrance to the stadium, on Tony Bolandra Street between Vatra Luminoasa and Str. Major Coravu, Vasile Şerbănică Street, between National Arena Access and Bassarabia Boulevard, as well as the streets cross acced in these parts.

Road policemen call on drivers to give up their cars and use public transport to avoid traffic jams, stop or stay in special places or as far as possible from the sports scene, maintain calm and not humility if they are in crowded areas, keep signals of dealers and reduce speed when passing By groups of supporters.

The Dynamo game – FCSB, from the 15th round of the first league, will take place on Sunday at 21:00 on Sunday in the national arena.

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