Tuesday , July 27 2021

How much did Dennis Mann’s move to Pharma really cost? The amount is lower than what Gigi Bakali announced

Giovanni Bakali revealed how much Dennis’ transfer from FCSB to Parma actually cost, in the context of which Gigi Bekali then announced that he was receiving 13 million euros and could receive another two million, in the form of bonuses.

Immediately after the transfer of Dennis Mann to Parma, Gigi Bakali announced that he was receiving € 15 million in exchange for the 22-year-old striker: a fixed amount of € 13 million, plus € 2 million in bonuses. However, Giovanni Bakali revealed to Telecom Sports how much the transfer of Dennis Mann actually cost.

How much did it cost to transfer Dennis from FCSB to Parma?

Dennis Mann moved to Parma at the end of January 2021 and became the most valuable player ever to leave the Romanian Championship. But there were discussions about the transfer amount. The Italian press has announced that Dennis Mann has cost 11 million euros and the amount could rise to 13 million, depending on the player’s performance.

Gigi Bakali, on the other hand, stated immediately after the move that he had direct negotiations with Kyle Krause, the owner of Pharma, and managed to get 13 million euros, plus two million bonuses.

Now, Giovanni Bakali, a representative of the company that brokered the deal, says the transfer of Dennis Mann to Fermat cost 11 million euros. The amount could cost up to 13 million euros, depending on the achievements Dennis Mann will have in the five years of his contract:

“(No matter how much Dennis Mann’s move to Ferma cost) 11 million, with bonuses of two million euros. As for Mann’s activity, it has nothing to do with the club he will fall or stay, empty games and two million, taken on a contract that a man has for 5 years.”, Giovanni Bakali told Telecom Sports.

How can Gigi Bakali get another two million euros from Pharma, in the form of bonuses:

  • 500,000 euros Pharma must qualify for the European Cup in the next four seasons
  • 500,000 euros – Pharma must finish in the first eight teams in Serie A.
  • 500,000 euros – Dennis Mann must score 15 goals for Pharma by 2023
  • 500,000 euros – Dennis Mann must score 25 goals for Pharma by 2025

Dennis Mann was successful with Benevento, scoring 2-2, at this point, his first goal in a pharma shirt.

Anmeria Proudhan claimed that Dennis Mann would cost even less

The transfer of Dennis Mann from FCSB to Parma caused a huge scandal among the executives. Until then, the actor was represented by Anmaria Proudhan. But Gigi Bakali was not pleased that Rajkampf’s wife had not been able to make him a big enough offer for Dennis Mann and decided that the business should be brokered by Giovanni Bakali.

Gigi Bakali’s cousin is on excellent terms with those in Pharma’s management, having also made Valentin’s transfer from Mehila. Anamaria Proudden, who was upset that she was expelled from this business, and then told Telecom Sports that the transfer of Dennis from would cost less than the known: “I do not believe in this amount. Maximum 12 million euros and with bonuses and payments,” Said Anmaria Proudan then.

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