Saturday , October 23 2021

HUAWEI. A fake product sells before Apple


huawei smart glasses

Huawei. The chairman of the Chinese company announced yesterday a television interview launching a product that Apple has been working on for some time, but will be in the market before that in Cupertino Huawei develops an intelligent pair of glasses that he wants to launch in 1 or 2 years on the market, By Apple, which was announced the earliest in 2020 to sell this product.

Huawei. Of course, the Chinese company president said that the product prepared by its engineers would be the best ever existed, and lead the experience of using intelligent glasses to "another level". We're talking about the sophisticated reality with the smart eyes that are working today, and since President Richard Yu talked about them, it's clear that the development process is very advanced.

Huawei. Product SURPRISE informs before Apple

Huawei. What these goggles will provide to Chinese company customers was not detailed by President Richard J. Red, he says increased reality will become more exciting in about two years. The problem is that the increased reality has been promoted for some time by different companies and has been unsuccessful, so it is difficult to say how much it will be 2 years to be so popular that Huawei launches a great product just for customers.

With this AR, you can get AR glasses working with your phone, maybe you can see more of a larger area. At first you might feel ar … nothing. But in the future you will see more and more the value of this … the next one to two years I think the industry will be trading, even for Huawei. We will bring you a better product and user experience.

Huawei. Apple is also struggling to launch an intelligent pair of glasses has not been such a big success so far make reality really popular, and I do not think it will do it anyway. Although intelligent glasses are interesting in theory, Huawei and Apple do not even think they will be able to produce such an enhancement that will really capture the attention of consumers around the world as they should.

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