Tuesday , May 17 2022

Low speed on the road, measuring against pollution and accidents. Titi Orr: There is no problem for the Romanian authorities


Titi Orr spoke, solely for DC News, about the strategy Romania needs to adopt to reduce the number of road accidents and reduce pollution.

Due to the reduction of environmental pollution, but also for safety reasons, some European countries want to reduce the legal speed on certain road sections. Even the famous Sebastian and Tal believe that speed is one of the leading causes of environmental pollution but also fatal accidents.

In an interview with Auto Motor und Sport, the Aston Martin F1 driver admitted that a highway would be safer, not to mention having a lower impact on the environment.

“It has nothing to do with personal feelings. You have to look at the big picture. Limiting speed will save almost two million tonnes of CO2 emissions,” Vetel told German media. “There are accidents in Germany that only happen because we have no speed limit,” he said of Pro-Motor.

Tito Orr: Unfortunately, in Romania this problem does not exist

News News DC has contacted Titi Orr, in order to better understand Romania’s location and the steps to be taken in our country in terms of road safety:

“Things are happening in the civilized world and measures are being taken into account both in terms of accidents, reducing the number of victims and in terms of pollution. Every civilized country has a strategy, a medium- and long-term plan. What measures should be taken to reduce the number of victims and pollution.

Unfortunately, for the Romanian authorities this problem does not exist. No one, up to the highest level, has a problem with the number of deaths, injuries and especially infection. Occasionally there are certain initiatives made by the traffic police or by various MPs, but everything happens sporadically and without a particular direction. Some are wrong, like putting the most visible radars possible, in marked police cars and on lights, so that drivers can see where the radar is, and then go crazy where we can ….

We do not have a clear national strategy. It theoretically exists in the Department of Transportation, but it does not interest anyone. “In the countries where these measures have been taken, the number of accidents will be lower, and the pollution will also be reduced,” says Titi Orr.

Romania, ranked first in Europe in the number of road casualties

“We are the first place in Europe in terms of road deaths / injuries. Until the authorities accept this and do something, the effect will be that we are the country with the most deaths on the roads. Regarding pollution, no one raises the issue, it is already a matter of gentleness.

In other countries, governments have taken steps to limit these problems. France, Sweden and Germany have certain strategies and are making some corrections to reach the desired two. Romania consumes 3.3 billion euros a year as a result of road accident victims. If it was reduced by only 30%, it would have saved 800-900 million euros a year, and with that money a lot of things can be done, but it is not desirable. We pay and collect the dead from the roads “, Conch Titi Light.

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