Thursday , September 29 2022

Paul Gascoine again has big problems! Hunchback on sexual assault!


At age 51, Paul Gascoigne escaped drinking and drugs, he returned after a rehab treatment and rehab treatment, and many other psychotherapy sessions, but he still has problems.

One of the most talented international candidates who retired from football in 2004 was charged with sexual assault.

On August 20, the British transport police intervened at the station Durham (Northeast of England), was arrested after a woman accused him of having accidentally touched her on the train from York. The investigation lasted three months and the former player was sued.

He will respond to these claims on December 11. Meanwhile, he refuses through his agent. "Paul denies everything, while there is no proof, he is innocent, Said Shane Whitfield. "People always try to blame him for many wrong things and put him on the ground, that's not true."

ElectionsPaul Gascoigne was England national (1988-1998) who scored 10 goals

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