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Pep Guardiola, Roman Abramovich’s “Obsession.” Several times he refused the Russian billionaire

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Chelsea there too, now under the command of Thomas Tuchel – not even the Londoners They never came to Haas Square again Since 2014.

And the English are discovering that Roman Abramovich has an obsession – he definitely wants Guardiola at Stamford Bridge, wrote The Athletic.

The Russian billionaire has been a jealous fan of the Spaniard since the time he began to stand out on the bench in Barcelona.

This is because he is happy with the style that Pep has instilled, the tikitaka through which he has created so many fans around the world.

“It was never a big secret that Abramovich was fascinated by Gordiola. Pep quickly became one of the best coaches in the world, and the successes and style through which he achieved them made him special.

It was the game of the moment, everyone wanted to copy it. It was natural that he would be in our attention. “Said a source inside the club.

Pep Guardiola, Intense “Short” by Roman Abramovich

And Abramovich has tried to get to London no less than 6 times, especially since money has never been an issue.

The first time in 2010, when Carlo Ancelotti was there at a time when the Italian was in a crisis of results. There have been two failed attempts.

The “Tsar Roman” insisted two years later, in 2012, when the director was Andre Villas-Boas. Again without success, although Pep shocked everyone at the end of the season and announced he was taking a sabbatical.

During all that time, Abramovich approached him twice, first when he had Roberto Di Mateo, and then after Rafa Benitez arrived.

And the last refusal came in 2015, after Jose Mourinho was fired. Pep Guardiola hinted that he would be tempted to adventure in England when he was at Bayern Munich.

Guardiola preferred Manchester City over Chelsea

And the following year he accepted the offer of Manchester City, thus becoming the rival of whoever wanted him so much at his club.

And the choice was inspiring, especially since in the first season he did not win any trophies, a situation in which many technicians are released, especially at Chelsea.

“It’s just speculation, but Guardiola would not have been immune if he had no results. At Chelsea you have to win. If you do not win, you leave.

There is no restraint when it comes to change. But, since Girstein and Soriano were already in charge of City, it seems to Pep that there is a long-term and less risky project there. “, Was the remark of the London clerk.

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