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The plane had gone from Cluj to Sibio because of the fog


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News by Sibiu, 2018/10/11

Five passenger planes were diverted Saturday night to Sibiu airport because of the thick fog that prevented the landing at Avram Janco International Airport in Cluj.

"Due to the weather conditions, fog and low visibility, until this time (n.20.20.20) five breeds have been diverted to Sibiu.The first plane, which was branched out, the Frankfurt-Lufthansa race, landed at about 6 pm, Claus, "said Alexandra Pecorar, a spokeswoman for AIS.

According to her, the situation is dynamic, around 20.00 hours on AIS tracks to be "very good, 3000 meters."

At 20.00, Sibiu County entered the yellow dwarf of the thick mist until 23.00.

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