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Urania horoscope for November 19-25. Mercury enters a retrograde movement!


According to Urania Horoscope, November 19-25 will be a surprise. Mercury enters a retrograde movement! Some of the signs are pushed to make decisions, temperament, others to care for their love. In any case, it is important to do things to be happy, but you do not have to go through the bodies to do it. Instead, for the rest of life, it's good to see the full side of the glass. Remember that without damage, you do not know what is good and you will not enjoy any of it's being.

Uranium reveals what the stars are telling us in the coming days


Horoscope Urania tells the natives of Aries that they will awaken in the week of 19-25 November. Mercury is entering a retrograde movement that will force them to make decisions and adopt a different approach. You can also talk to your life partner, who will not be because of the money, because about 21 you feel like you're worried about it.


Astrological predictions, according to Urania horoscope, tell native Taurus to be anxiety. The events in your life keep you in constant excitement, and besides, makes you feel helpless. From November 23 onwards, you feel more relaxed and focus on what you need to do.


The Uranus horoscope shows that the native sign of Gemini will feel Mercury's entry into retrograde. You feel without energy, which will be resolved on 21 November. As for the professional sector of your life, everything goes wrong, especially since November 23. It seems like you want to deal with professional matters differently, which will easily expand your personal ones.


According to horoscop-urania.comAstrological predictions for native Canadians announce that they will be under pressure, and that in the professional field. As for the personal sector, the natives of the zodiac want to integrate into the group and feel a bit of action because lately it seems that they did not have it.


The astrological forecasts of Leo natives are, in the week of November 19-25, very reserved for love. In fact, they also have a lot of responsibility that they do not care about, which will lead to a contradiction with their partner. On November 23 there will be a full moon in Mini, which will bring better access to your friendship.


The natives of the Virgin are very stubborn about good, and it will take them for a long time. On November 23, you feel the need for security, balance, stability. So this is the moment when they will change something for better.


Astrological predictions for native Scorpio born in the week of 19-25 November require continued stability and safety. In fact, on November 22 they want to settle a problem that is part of the financial sector. From November 23, native Scorpio committed to great deeds and want to solve all the problems they have, it is because they are out of energy at the same time.


The Uranus Horoscope for the week of 19-25 November shows that the native of the Libra sign also feels the movement of Mercury retrograde. On November 21, I can get some diplomas, on November 23 they hope for the best or advantage that will bring many benefits to the financial sector.


Astrological predictions for native Sagittarius show that they start the week well, and on November 21, they are very calm at work. Besides, they also feel the need to clarify some aspects about it. But on November 23, they have some differences.


The Uranus Horoscope for the week of 19-25 November shows an ongoing state of ferment for the native of Capricorn. On November 21, their mood is rather sour on the backdrop of contradictions with their parents. On November 22 I feel a need to get to Liman, to find a solution to the problems of the past.


The Uranus Horoscope Week of 19-25 November shows that the native of Aquarius is needed in space where there is a lot of peace. The last few days have brought this to you, but it seems that everything ended at the beginning of the week. In any case, something motivates them very hard to continue to do their jobs.


The natives of Pisces have, between 21-21 November, computing an alternative to get out of a problem. In fact, they are still looking to build a relationship. On November 22 in particular, they want to take advantage of their work and move to a higher level.

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