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World Diabetes Day 2018 (P)


World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day

Every year, November 14, dedicated to World Diabetes Day. On this occasion, D-Foot International launched a global campaign to raise public awareness of the critical consequences of diabetic neuropathy and diabetic foot, which has been experienced strongly among people with diabetes, their families and communities are part of it.

World Diabetes Day is a moment that marks the ongoing struggle against diabetes and the complications associated with it. Unfortunately, the number of cases of diabetes increases exponentially every day, and the complications associated with this chronic disease, including diabetic neuropathy and diabetic foot, lead to ulcers, especially in very severe cases of leg amputations.

Key messages transmitted by the international organization D-Foot through the campaign "FOCUS on FEET" reveal an alarming situation, but at the same time bring good news and hope to people with diabetes:

More than 425 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes (1), most of which suffer from type 2 diabetes. Here, not only a high number of cases need to worry, but also the fact that one in two people are not diagnosed (2) on time. Moreover, the official estimates of the International Diabetes Federation for 2045 suggest that the number of diabetes cases will reach 629 million (3).

Lower limb sensitivity is the result of diabetic neuropathy, a major complication that diabetes can cause. Statistics show that 1 out of 4 people diagnosed with diabetes who lose sensitivity to their legs will develop an ulcer at some point. Furthermore, 85% of the amputation cases are caused by these leg ulcers (4).

Every 20 seconds, somewhere in the world, one person loses one leg because of diabetes (5). As a result, these people lose their ability to work and integrate properly in society. On the other hand, the depression caused by the loss of an inferior friend is another extremely serious consequence.

Complications caused by leg foot diabetes become an important burden for the health system of any modern society. For example, it is estimated that 12% of the global health budget goes to patients diagnosed with diabetes (6). The figure is indeed large and frightening: over 670 billion dollars a year.

The prognosis of survival in people diagnosed with diabetes with infected ulcers is only 85% in the first year (7).

17.4% of people diagnosed with diabetes had a slight or large amputation in their legs during the first year of the first infected ulcer (8).

The good news is that 8 out of 10 amputations can be prevented early in the disease, using a simple objective clinical examination of the legs. For this reason, the prevention of amputations should be the main goal of the decision-makers in each country.

The FOCUS on FEET campaign, initiated by the international organization D-Foot, draws a strong alarm signal and aims to raise public awareness of the critical complications of diabetes. Therefore, World Diabetes Day marks both the awareness that this situation poses a danger to the whole family, but also firmly assures that there is a means to detect and combat chronic disease in time.


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