Sunday , October 2 2022

A new batch of flu vaccines has reached Tambov


More than three hundred and fifty thousand people have already taken root

More than 100 thousand doses of vaccine is distributed among medical institutions in the Tambov region. Overall, more than 530,000 doses of influenza vaccine were sent to the area. More than 350,000 people took root, including more than 73,000 children.

In the coming coming season, doctors expect that influenza viruses like Michigan, B, Hong Kong will spread. All viruses have a short incubation period. They spread quickly over long distances. They quickly adjust to drugs. Each of them is dangerous to patients. They can be fatal. To protect against infection, the SOVIGRIPP vaccine was brought to the area.

The vaccine must necessarily be made to those at risk. These are workers in the services sector, in social services, in education and in medical care. In addition, in regional management they say it is mandatory to vaccinate pregnant women, young children, and seniors who have been diagnosed with chronic lung, heart, immunity and diabetes.

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